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Artist: Cormega f/ Jayo Felony, Kurupt
Album:  Legal Hustle
Song:   Deep Blue Sea
Typed by: ThaLyriczFinisha@Yahoo.Com

Experiment, exercise, nigga get ya build up
Hardest ran, and nickel poppin' up, build up
Sinister sniper, I'm the venomous viper
Poetic riddler, Gotti ate off Hitler
Hood patrol, sharks up against tadpoles
Fire up the nickels and chrome
I don't fuck with ya'll bitches, see I dip, deep dishes
International militia's melocious
Vicious, seperate and sware you're sickening
I got longevity like Burn and Glickman
My girl bad as Kelis is, momma ring, is spread
The fire increases, please believe it, talent's reachin'
Coast to continent, you will find none greater
Hannibal the 8th, they call me a traitor
Cuz I do what the fuck I wanna do
Hood nigga, metropolis, gorilla, loose from the zoo motherfucker

[Chorus 2X: Kurupt]
Nigga, I got beretta's, I'm hot
Always hot, I'mma show you niggaz how a real hood rock
Why, stop, givin' right by
Drive, nigga let me tell you

[Jayo Felony]
Emergency, get back, away, hurry, it's quick to get scary
Too quick to get hit with a flurry, from you, and that's on my mama
I'mma lay it down, until they fill it, intimidate Earl and P
I'mma take this shit back like Cornbread, Earl and Me
Ain't a bit of girl in me, see, be gitty when you get named
And ain't gon' come back hurt and shamed, or you'll know the'll get tamed
I don't play when it comes to this rappin', man, my alias is spit
Crossin' out and hittin' up, all over your shit
Which bitch wanna get hit with a tech or something
Actin' like ya'll wreckin' something
On the streets, you ain't get no respect for nothing
Talkin' loud ain't doin nothing
You want me to involve you with something?
Get back to it, nigga, what you doing, something
He fuck with me, and get clapped, you ain't nothing
Pullin' most, or I'm stay hustlin'
Please don't get up in my way cousin, all my motherfuckers buzzin'
Bitch ass niggaz never play the dozen
Nigga, don't bang it, white, cuzzin'

[Chorus 2X]

To my thugs and g's, movin' all drugs and keys
Movin' lovely, now the women wanna fuck with me
Lovin' me, cuz they see livin' in the bubble v
Livin' comfortably, young g's wanna puff with me
Gun at the D's, and they come for me
Can't get the fiends, what to me, nigga, don't fuck with me
My niggaz suited to mask up, act up, and we shootin' your ass up
Motherfucker, we, straight ass g's, takin' your keys and we
Movin' up faster, the bigger wanna take my enemies
They was fuckin' me, these motherfuckers ain't touchin' me
The coke man can't get enough of me
These to all the niggaz all trustin' me
This the way it gon' go down, we in rider, and we slow now
We the one that the women wanna know now
G's up, hoes down, is you ready for the show down
Fuck with us, so don't fuck with us, we thug niggaz and hustlers
Who guzzled up, seperate love from lust, now niggaz ain't touchin' us
Streets corrupted us, ya'll niggaz want fly car with the five star
SUV's or the side bars, nigga like me, live or die hard
Rather lied God, than stand scared, never could understand a man's fear
Cormega come through and stand clear, you busted, been touchin', nigga
The game all fucked up..

[Chorus 2X]

I ain't never really sayin' shit, but a bitch ass nigga
Gettin' bombed on, got 'em sayin' ("oh no no")
I got the ladies in the motherfuckin' spot
Sneakin' in a niggaz glock, got a nigga sayin ("oh no no")