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Artist: Consequence f/ Kanye West
Album:  Take 'Em to the Cleaners
Song:   '03 Till Infinity
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[Intro: Consequence]
Yo this is Consequence. From the mighty Con Man Clique
and I'm runnin' with my man Kanye West
And when I ain't got a pretty hoe transporting a boy and a girl to the states
I'm either on the 1-9-2 or out in the Chi. So we gonna up yo on how we chill. Uh

[Verse One: Kanye West]
It cost Kobe seven digits to pay off Bridgett
And get acquitted and break that bitch off, cause he ain't did it
Here go the Henny swig it
You know it's frigid
I got 'em chillin' in the cooler
Break out the ruler
Them the biggest tits I ever seen
We smokin' killer Cali gettin' weeded
Make it feel like Maui
Now we feel the good vibrations
So many B.I.s, so much inspiration

I get inspired by the stunts to
I've run through
So many bitches in one crew
That now they riff over bones to pick
Till I find one
It's live one
Take her home and quickly do this
I need not explain this
Cause Quence is famous for totin' stainless

[Kanye West]
Hey miss
Who's there?
No time to do hair
I'm through here
The show tonight
So get right
You look aight
Let's club now
A rub down
Starts flavor while we grind in the theater
I'm tryin' to cut in the movies
I'm tryin' to give her something else to drink besides a smoothie

Kids get broke when I take bank and win
With the gold chains, I throw game at your bitch like handball
Cause your boys all that
So fall back
I be that real for '03 till

Chorus: [x4]
[Kanye West]
This is how we chill from '03 until

This is how we chill for '03 till

[Verse Two: Consequence]
My mack game does me well
And makes them hoes want to go and kiss and tell
All of Quence's business
I cause dizziness
Any time I got to go and slap a silly trick

[Kanye West]
Niggas is jealous cause we in drops
The cops wanna stop us about every four blocks
Cause what we smokin' them sacks got no seeds
And what they got in they pockets is no cheese

When I'm postin' you better tell them hot heads, "Stay cool"
Or exit because I'm the exception to the rule
I'm reppin' to the dudes blocks with two glocks
To bury ya
When they tear they ain't jammin'
Them cannons will make you drop
So I'm doin' tons of indo, showin' off for hoes
My ace has been
Makin' them sick tracks while I was shootin' pornos with your wisdom

[Kanye West]
Now bring some more stacks
Before you ask
About the price of the tracks
The game on smash
Don't change the facts about these plaques
Because in fact
My freestyle hours over powers 
Brothers can't hack it
Sensitive to truth and mack bitch
'03 me, Quence and Plain Pat bitch