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Artist: Consequence f/ Kanye West, John Legend
Album:  What Ever You Want 12"
Song:   What Ever You Want
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[Kanye West]
Okay, G.O.O.D. Music has arrived
You and your girls can finally get live
I'ma need you to turn the lights down
Whatever gon happen gon happen right now
Do whatever you want
Whatever you want

Baby let me get the number to your blackberry curve
So I can buy you everything that you deserve
I ain't gotta front mama that's my word
With that kinda ass I might spaz like N.E.R.D.
And buy whatever you want
Whatever you want

[Kanye West]
Now I need you to leave home any inhibitions
I promise you, won't be any intermissions
What's up with your home girl, I'm so persistent
We need an assistant, I'm just kidding
Whatever you want
Whatever you want

The number one team is back it ain't fair
And if you feel the same, raise you glass in the air
I like the pack Jordans that come with the wack pair
Y'all really don't want it and we're making that clear
So do whatever you want

Put you hands in the air
Wave them around like you just don't care
And once you're done with that, keep your hands up high
If you're with your girls let me see you get live
And whatever you want

[Chorus: John Legend]
Hey girl, we gon live it up tonight
Hey girl, welcome to the Grammy life
Hey girl, you know how this goes
if you all, centerfolds, is all I know
Whatever you want

[Kanye West]
Now when everybody way too aggressive
I'ma be the one to cool to even stress it
Even though I bought dresses, breasts, Benz's, Lexus
Yeah, you get the message
Whatever you want
Whatever you want

So don't be shy baby pick a handbag
And the shoes to match that'll really get them mad
And don't worry about it cause I'm picking up the tab
Cause nothing gets the girls like a little bit of cash
Or whatever they want