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Artist: Consequence f/ Gangsta L. Crisis, Really Doe, Tony Williams
Album:  Don't Quit Your Day Job
Song:   Disperse
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[Intro: Consequence]
Let me hear you say (HEY) get money (HEY)
Get money (HEY) get money (HEY)
Get money (HEY) get money (HEY)
Now let's go

[Chorus: Consequence]
Cause when worse come to worse my peoples come first
So if you ain't bustin down, please disperse (uh)
Please disperse (uh) please disperse
I know I never should've bought that tease the purse, uhh

But homie that's what happens when your {dick} in the dirt
And I guess that's what happens when your whip's in reverse
And you on the Eastside between 2nd and 1st
And you pull up on the stunt, and she dressed as a nurse
And you tell her all the things you mighta hit in a verse
And surprisin to you, man the script really works
So she gives you all her numbers plus her name and the chirp
And you made sure it's right when you hit the alert
Then you call her up tomorrow and you scoop her from work
Then you bring her round the way and the crew go berserk
Now the only question left is really who's goin first
And if you can't find a condom then you go and search
And by the time you get back shorty's way more than burnt
And she done buttoned up her blouse, and pulled up her skirt
And now you ask her what's wrong, and what went wrong?
"If you can't get her calm then you really ain't a don"
Now she yellin out "Cons, you played yourself
I wish the playa that I met woulda stayed himself"
What made me say to myself, I need to drop this chick off
'Fore the police at the door and they blockin me off
Cause you know she's testifyin like a Christian in church
So I ain't have no other choice but tell the chick disperse

[Chorus]  2X

[Gangsta L. Crisis]
Drinkin Coronas in Pamona with Mona
From the Chi so I'm cold as pneumonia
A player they warned ya, about girl I'll put it on ya
Let me mack you down in this corner
Look like the type that look good in the mornin
E'ry time we bonin you moanin
Love they way I {fuck} you have you tellin your homies
Tryin to have {shit} on lock like the police
Get mad when the other {hoe} know me
Especially cause they lovin my goatee, 'fore we was +Drivin Slowly+
Went to the West, tryin to ball like Kobe
And the cold broads, was all our trophies
Kept a main girl in the show piece
Lookin at that {bitch} low-key in the Oakleys
Love the way them hips is perfect - if you ain't tryin to show me
Baby you can start dispersin, that {shit} ain't workin

[Chorus]  2X

[Really Doe]
The venue's sold out, know I'm 'bout to snap
Three rows from the front, two seats to the right
Hit her with a pass, courtesy of the man
Kick it with the stars, bring a couple of friends
Let you meet 'Ye, yeah that's the fam
Track 14, that's your favorite jam?
Damn, I'm in town for the night
Take a sip of the potion and let's get right
Into some roleplay, be wifey
No paper, no time to autograph your tee
Spotted you on stage dancin all freaky
Now you're in the back, actin shy tweakin
This ain't "Meet the Parents," what the hell you thinkin?
This ain't the church and I ain't the deacon
Damn, I'm tryin to get you out them boots
And say the first thing on my mind like Luke
Sit back, and chill with the crew
Instead you got your mind on my money and my loot
Talkin 'bout "I came back to kick it
Let's exchange digits, fly me in, I'll visit"
Cool out, you gotta be kiddin
But leave your wristbands on the table, now beat it
Worse comes to worse my peoples come first (HEY)
If you ain't bustin down (HEY) disperse (HEY)
Disperse (HEY) disperse (HEY)
Disperse (HEY) disperse (hey)


Cause when worse come to worse my peoples come first (uh)
So if you ain't bustin down, please disperse (uh)
Please disperse (uh) please disperse (uh)
Please disperse, please disperse

[Tony Williams harmonizes to the end]