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Artist: Consequence
Album:  Don't Quit Your Day Job
Song:   Don't Forget 'Em
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Man I promise, when I get old enough
I'ma buy you a limo, and we gon' go to Red Lobster
And you can get all the.. all the lobster tail that you want
Cause I'ma be RICH~! Yeah I'ma be rich, uhh...

When you make that money boy they, say don't you forget 'em {*4X*}
Don't forget 'em, don't don't forget 'em {*3X*}
Don't forget 'em, Cons don't forget 'em

I finally got my first real money
So should I turn Hollywood? I probably could
... and turn my back on the hood
And never go back, but I ain't with that
See this is where I learned to rap, and this is where I learned to scrap
And this is how I learned to stack
Penny by penny and bit by bit
Watchin the older heads move brick by brick
And one hand would wash the other, and one aunt would watch your brother
And your father wound up watchin your mother
And the prettiest smile you ever discovered
becomes when you call her face
And your second cousin lost his case
They gave him 25-to-life, what a waste
And they tryin to pay your lawyer, but they just ignore ya
So he ended up goin upstate, uhh


I finally got my first real money so of course they all
up in my grill cause they need help with the bills
And I'm like "Homey just chill
I got you my nig, just let me get big"
And I promise I'll be back, cause I need the feedback
and the honesty every time that you react
Cause nothin can buy that, nothin provides that
'Cept when you drive back
... and cruise through the blocks of the hood you're from
To holla at your folks, that's the rule of thumb
Cause y'all came up together, y'all was crew from young
But some of them went on to abuse them drugs
Confusin love, for they addiction
Now they out there on a mission
And lost sight of the do's and don'ts
But I'll be wrong if I forgot so I won't


You are me, and I am you
And I won't ever forget, word