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Artist: Configa f/ Taina La Poet
Album:  Configa Presents... Pac to the Essence Vol. 1
Song:   Ode to 2Pac (Interlude Part 2)
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[Taina La Poet]
In 2004 when my family was no more
And the depths of my solitude wanted to reach heaven's door
I lived in agony saying daily no more
Then finally something was able to REACH my inner core
It was your legacy, your words, your heartache, your pain
Set to music it touched me and I felt life again
And then, I became a fanatic
Listening to you was my habit
Every day, all day, who cares if I was laughed at
And I took it a step further
Your music was the precursor
Went to Puerto Rico for vacation and just listened harder
On the way back, my soul tired and under attack
I took the wrong seat on the plane as I sat
The guy who was to sit where I was, Darrin was his name
Said "Relax miss, I'll sit across from you
No worries, no one's to blame"
I tried to ignore him as he looked to my book
And saw a picture of Pac as I took
Precaution to not let this guy talk to or bother me
It didn't work cause Darrin peeked over slightly
And then he asked quietly, "So miss - you like Pac?"
I said "That's an understatement
The man's words, he wrote to my heart"
He smiled and said "Oh yeah, how come, why?"
I said "Because he came to me when I thought I would die"
He said "Yeah he seems to come around when life nears its end
Would you believe it if I told you that he was my friend?"
I looked at him quizzically; he said "Miss just listen to me
Me Tupac, John, Cole and Jada Pinkett were schooled together academically
You may not believe it, but go to Amazon to see it
The book that I wrote, our life and times together
is called 'Back in the Day When I was a Teenager'"
He wrote the title on my bookmark and I wasn't impressed
This man could be lying, it could just be a test
And so the plane landed and I stayed in my zone
Then I got an e-mail to visit his home
Well, my best friend lives in Baltimore and so does he
So I figured instead of two birds, I'd just knock out three...