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Artist: Comp
Album:  Harder 12"
Song:   Harder
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I was trying to make money now I'm (makin' it)
Haters really want to take but they makin' it (Harder)
I just got in the game and I'm a starter
I'm a rookie playin' with pros so I'm goin' to play
Jealous one hate me cause I'm (makin' it)
You dudes comin' soft but Comp is makin' it (Harder)
I was destined to shine to get where I'm at
With the help of my fall, but when I push he pushed
Even thou I'm on top now I'm (makin' it)
I'm still quick to off stop makin' it (Harder)
Seprerate yourself from controversity
You can learn from Sean Carter, R. Kelly made it
You never did drugs till you started (makin' it)
Your high on your own supply you makin' it (Harder)
This is textbook and Comp is the author
I can show you an easy way when things get (Harder)
You got a deal but still not (makin' it)
Label shelfed your project makin' it (Harder)
You feel what's in you, clean your soul at the alter
But devilous thoughts always make it (Harder)
I'm fakin', I'm shakin', I'm bakin', I'm (makin' it)
I'm ten steps ahead of you makin' it (Harder)
How you plan to catch up to me
I'm playing in the grown man league yaw better try
Writin' the rhymes the music I was (makin' it)
My first cd got outdated makin' it (Harder)
Some didn't want to happen
Me going far with rappin' now I'm laughin' (Harder)
Pocket full of dead guys I don't even know
I secure my family life with the flow
I embarked on tons of cash (makin' it)
Which made everybody hate me on the aft (makin' it
It's so sad to see the ones you used to chill with
And now they want to kill shit and you talk it
And your the youngest Def Jam artist
Rap style flawless, I'm goin' to eat regardless
They talk sideways com. your comments
I earned my respect so you pay my homage
Love or leave it, like it or not (makin' it)
I narrate for the hood I can write up a block (makin' it Harder)
So watch and learn, wait your turn
The game is too hard and you ain't half as firm
It's fucked up how things really yaw
Just when a nigga gets hard, somehow we get (Harder)