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Artist: Common f/ Kanye West
Album:  Universal Mind Control
Song:   Punch Drunk Love (The Eye)
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[Chorus: Kanye West] 
'ey baby, am I crazy?
Or was you givin me the eye?  
You said maybe? (Yea) Well, you crazy
Because I know I'm too fly 
Already know I'm too fly
Already know I'm too fly (You hype!)
Already know I'm too fly

[Common - Verse 1ne]
Right now I'm off the wine, wine, we can take our time, time
So much I want to punch spill the bump when we grind
My uh is in ya body, my uh is in ya mind
Check my dictionary, that ass is so divine
It slippery when it's wet girl, I can read the signs
I knock and I knock, uhh, can I come inside?
I knock and I knock, girl, can I come inside?
I feel like it's home when I'm in between ya thighs
It's the joy and the pain and the bites and the brain
What make it feel so good, that type of stuff you can't explain
I do, what I do, to do, to make it rain
You got the invite tonight and I'm so glad ya came
'Cause you the type of danger we gain in yo
Mic check like the way I begin my show
Girl I come from chica' so in I 'go
Turn around, it's about to be a TKO


[Common - Verse 2wo]
Some call me Com (Com), some call me the Red (Red)
You can call me daddy, I'ma put ya to bed
An appetite for seduction and it gotta be fed
This sexual eruption gotcha hittin ya head
on the board and, knock, you screamin, "Oh Lord"
We exchange like students 'cause I study abroad/a broad
And listen to ya body and, low key party and
I keep pushin and pushin, you pump the vol-i-ume up
We the type to make lovin we up
We take a ride down south 'cause you need to re-up
Girl you call me Big Bank like I was savin it up
I'm the doctor, I can hold it 'til my patients/patience is up
Ah, ah, ah-ah - I make, I make I make it hot baby
Ah, ah-ah - I know, I know, I know ya spot baby
When we do it like we don't want it to end
It's three PM we gon' do it again


[Interlude: Pharrell - repeat 2X]
C'mon girl, let's gooooo
to distant lands unknoooown
We can fly on aiiiir
if love is every wherrrre for you and me

[Chorus + Interlude 'til fade]