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Artist: Common f/ Martina Topley-Bird
Album:  Universal Mind Control
Song:   Everywhere
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[Chorus: Martina Topley-Bird]
How did you know I've been waiting for this time to come?
And though it tastes like forever
it may not stay long
Everywhere is summer. [4x]

[Verse 1: Martina Topley-Bird]
A shaman since before my birth
And I came down to rock the Earth
My misson condition:
I give you, you listen
I'm syncing in time in parallel
In binary, no 3rd return
I'm planning intention
With all the redemption


[Verse 2: Common]
No pop, no pop, no pop, no pop
We gon'do this thang till the sky just drop
Lock in to ya mind away we rock,
In a rocket is the 87 astronaut
Top of the soul, dove and I got in a hole
At the moment they were sayin
"It was outta control"
Strap in to your mind
Why eyes see some recline
You'll see in time your season to shine
When the stadium is dark
MCs are defined
Get ready, on your mark, put your feet on the line
The race is on to space beyond
You gon'get there by doin what you want
Sometimes the most famous feel all alone
So we drift to a place that we call our home
I was known as being spaced and outta my dome
Now I know, it's all I've know