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Artist: Common f/ Jhené Aiko
Album:  Nobody's Smiling
Song:   Blak Majik 
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{"Blak Majik" is repeated throughout the song}

Ooh that boy, he radical
Talk that money, talk emphatical
Who in the game had the baddest hoes?
Niggaz seen Badu's ass and said, "I seen what you was on"
Home grown with no home phone
From the City of Wind nigga, win or go home
It's the Chi bullshit I'm on
Make a dome from a brick and a pocket full of stones
Hit them cones, clips and crones
I don't play away games, I got hitters at home
I'ma dial like six in the morn'
Me and Muhammad speak in similar tones
Go hard like pyramid stones, stand the test of time 
Cross the burning sands with aggressive rhymes 
I'm BLESSED to rhyme, I invest in time
Like Superman, stick out my chest and shine, I'm...

[Chorus: Jhené Aiko]
Blak Majik, Blak Majik
Blak Majik, Blak Majik
Blak Majik, Blak Majik
Blak Majik, Blak Majik

Yeah yeah, I'm black, I'm magical
I ride for facts that's actual
Keep it one hunnid ,that's natural
To get them new blue hunnid niggaz strapped with flow
Shout out to black and D.C. make it capital
I done made enough. I don't have to rap no mo'
Tell the truth, that ain't what I'm rappin fo'
Got a whole lot so we can have some mo'
So rosey go to red diamond make 'em clap some more
Clap CLAP~! Home of the +Originoo+ gang bangers
+Gunn clappaz+, no lackers, rack stackers
Movie, we are black actors
Makin somethin out of nothin, black magic
What I do, I own like Magic
Status of the livest and established, girl with the fattest 
I'm givin you the gladdest, night/Gladys Knight you ever had, this magic

[Jhené Aiko]
(...neewteb ni tsixe I ereh ton ma I)
(...maerd ruoy ni evah uoy suoicsnoc eht ma I)
I am the matter that cannot be seen
I am the conscious you have in your dream
Do not be scared of my dark energy
I am not here, I exist in between
Yeah that's me, I'm magical
I'm black, I'm strapped with magic bro
I'm nothing you have had befo'
I'm everything but nothing mo'