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Artist: Common f/ Kanye West
Album:  The Corner 12"
Song:   The Corner (Remix)
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[Verse One] [Kanye West]
Let's take it back to basics
When shit gets worse we Converse
How we need a New Balance before the lines get crossed like Asics
Just look at what we got
If we don't shoot the Reebox
This is a beat that no flow can detox
Though the respect is due
Like my Louie bag
I don't wanna have to check you
I'm shy as buck fifties and Pelle Pelle leathers
So say
My beats make The Bulls play better
I say
Black on black is the hate that hate made
Sarah Lee with the doe, I'm talkin' bout the cake made
McDonald's with the flow, served over a billion
You seen the video, words over the buildin'
Uh, I wish I could give you this feelin'
I wish I could give you this feelin'
And when the +Workout Plan+ ain't work out man
Me and Common is back on +The Corners+ again
On the corner