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Artist: Common f/ James Fauntleroy II, Omoye
Album:  The Dreamer/The Believer
Song:   Windows
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[Chorus: James Fauntleroy II]
If your eyes are the window, to your soul
Open eyes bring you cold
If your dreams keep you warm in night
Baby just keep 'em closed
If your eyes are the window
I can sneak in at night
In your eyes I can see your soul
Staring back into mine

She was a beautiful rose 
from the concrete and heat she grows
In the dark room, her life was exposed
Her picture of men, we walk on all fours.. (ah!)
Heart opened and heart closed
Every now and then she sparkles, ah~!
You can tell she was hurt by the words that she chose
I'm thinkin like Lauryn, +A Rose is Still a Rose+
Even when the door close, there goes a new one
I told her it's some good men, she asked me if I knew one
Her daddy left a hole cause she never really knew him
Okay sometimes from commitment, we do 'em
Rockin Lou Vuitton, said she focused on the Christian
I'm speakin to her inner, tryin to enhance her vision
By not to be married with kids she was wishin
Shhhhh... to your soul, just listen


[Common] (Omoye)
She said, "Daddy take me ice skatin"
Lookin at the rearview, life's waitin, for her...
Gotta be there to support her
Can't really wait for a, court order
She got the type of aura that's fun and vibrant
A lot of love inside, got to help guide it
Daddy will protect it, God will provide it
We all'll be there so your soul ain't divided
Man, how quick she grows
Lookin like her momma but she got my toes
I suppose it's the age that she really really need me
A lot of girls without, they become needy
("C'mon dad, I'm too old for the back seat
 Can you come and get me, are you coming to my track meet?")
As she begins the race of life and love I told her
"I can't run it for ya, God knows I'ma coach ya"