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Artist: Common 
Album:  The Dreamer/The Believer
Song:   Lovin' I Lost
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Lovin' I lost..
It happens to the best..
So I looooved and I lost
And I might as well confess...
("Lovin' I lost") 
I remember, I remember, I remember the days 
("It happens to the best..So I looooved and I lost")
I remember... I remember the.. 
(And I might as well confess...) 
I remember she sit there with her thickness
Never played a game but I heard about them sisters
A wise mister said, "+Love is Gonna Get'cha+"
But that ain't what I read in the scriptures -- God be with us
It was hard for me to take down the benches
I was trippin, I even called her sister
How can someone you could talk to each and every day
that you were 'bout to marry, be on they merry way?
I'm singin through the pain like, I was Mary J.
'cause we break-up to make-up like Mary Kay
Rumors leavin tumors on my heart now
We fell in love huh, just to fall apart now
I get your calls and I try to disregard now
What was easy for us now is hard now, huh?! 
Who do it better? We used to move together
Now we not together, is this our new forever?
Aww, HELL NAW~! I'm waitin on your call
Told you be I'll be back, had to break down some walls
Issues that I had, some say it comes 
from not seein my dad, keep movin on
Hard for me to stay away and stay in touch
Girl, my heart is broke and I need a crutch
Thought I was okay but nights that I stayed up
Ass got me layed up, girl I never gave up... on you and us 
I tried to take it day by day, and WHEW it's tough
I know you're young and you gotta live your life, huh?
I thought it was the right time for me to wife ya
I must confess, I miss the days of you layin on my chest
So confusing losin love, I'm sayin God bless
Who do it better? We used to move together
Now we not together, is this our new forever?
[Chorus 2X]