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Artist: Common f/ James Fauntleroy II, Hannah Sidibe
Album:  The Dreamer/The Believer
Song:   Celebrate
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[Chorus: James Fauntleroy II]
Everybody home, ain't nobody gone
And I got all my niggaz around
It feel good, don't it? Gettin hood on it
And I got all my niggaz around
I got a couple minutes in town
A couple hundred bitches around
So baby go on and get us a round
'cause I got all my niggaz around - Celebrate

We partyin, yeah Godbody and
exotic broads lobbyin, Spanish, Somalian
Fly, we livin 'til we die
We livin in the night, toast lookin in the eye 
On our paper 'til we get it like Dubai
Chi niggaz stand up 
Plastic cups, girls with the drastic butts 
that ask for bucks, it don't stop here
Bottles of Veuve pop here
And we gon' +Get Around+ like 2Pac's here
Celebrate like it's New Year
Some bomb broads coming, type nuclear
Yeah, it's so ridiculo', lit the medicinal 
Passed it, give-and-go, backwards liquor store
("We celebrate, celebrate me home")


In my Paul Smith like a alcoholic
My guys I used to hoop with is now who I ball with
This raw bitch came in, lookin flawless
Tonight she'll be givin conscious, HEAD-lights!
Beamin from the Beemer that her momma bought her
I got to act right, for her like I'm an author
Look where drama brought us, look where karma brought us
Married to the game, like Usher we was +Caught Up+
Now we got some R&B broads we can call up
You niggaz come around keep the wall up
Smoke blowin out thinking of tomorrow and the simple things
Hustlers from the 'Go, how far we done came
Celebrate, hah~!

("We celebrate, celebrate me home")

Ah, another night, we love the night
For the life, gettin bugged tonight
Wait 'til I get my money right
Told you it's gon' be on like the Benzes that we lean on
Put my team on, get our heat on
Ah, I knew her when she strip, her name was Chardonnay
My niggaz move work even on a holiday!
We come from porches and alleyways
I'm the big ticket, don't need no one to validate
We celebrate

[Bridge: Hannah Sidibe]
We ain't gotta wait
It's a toast to you and me
Bills ain't so bad, celebrate that
Party in the yard 'til the lights come on and out
Ain't nobody crying
We've come so far, been climbing
Now the clouds they passed us by
C'mon and raise your glass up hiiiiiigh