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Artist: Common f/ Marsha Ambrosius, PJ
Album:  Black America Again
Song:   Love Star
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[Chorus: PJ] (Marsha)
You're my lovestaaar
What we gonna do, baby?
You're my lovestaaaar
What we gonna do, baby?

I'm on what? What you on to?
I'm the sun god, let me warm you
Out of my sides the Lord formed you
Pull your dress up, ain't nothin formal
Our, fragrance is patience
We could major in communication
Relatin like cousins, though we kissin doe
Love can be sick, or medicinal
A doctor of it, you gots ta love it
Godbody language, I be spittin while we fuckin
In your ear with somethin that ain't clear
On your inside it appear, so somehow you hear
I'm sayin I wanna stay inside
They say I'm a deep nigga, I'ma go way inside
...Of everything you are
Cause everything you are is my lovestar


I ain't the type to be all up on yo' social
I'm in your face vocal the way a man supposed to
A choosy lover, I chose you
God's most beautiful creation, let me mold you
You already in shape, that's more love to make
Feel free when I'm with you, it's hard to escape
When we need a break...
{*brief sample of "Sexy Mama" by The Moments*}
"AHHHHHH~!" ("Here we go-") We take it
When two souls connect, you can't fake it
TV shows and cakes, ah, I know your favorite
Cut from the same cloth, let's wear it
This ain't about labels, this about fit
Since God designed, we can start our own line
Our offspring'll be you, me, and He combined
We walk the runway like BLOAW!
Bein in love is never out of style


[Marsha Ambrosius]
Heaven agrees you are all that I need down here (down here, yeah)
Cause you make it all worth it (worth it)
We do this on purpose (purpose)
The love we make is certain (certain)
I'm so caught in your aura, get lost in your force
I want to be your everything forever, forever...


Forever, I wanna be forevvv-er~!
Forever, staaaar-ah
staaaar-ah-ha, ahhh-ha, ahhh...