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Artist: Cold Crush Brothers
Album:  Fresh, Wild, Fly & Bold (The Complete Studio Recordings)
Song:   Fresh, Wild, Fly and Bold
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[ Grandmaster Caz ]	Well, I'm fresh 
			Cause I'm the best
[ J.D.L. ]		And I get wild
			When I'm row'
[ Eazy A.D. ]		I never get passed by	
			Cause I'm fly
[ Almighty K.G. ]	And I'ma put you on hold
			Cause I'm bold
[ all ]			And Charley Chase will last
			Cause he's fast
			And Tony Tone got booked
			Cause he's original
[ Grandmaster Caz ]	The Cold Crush is on
[ J.D.L. ]		Cause we perform
[ Eazy A.D. ]		And even in a storm 
[ Almighty K.G. ]	We'll keep you warm
[ Grandmaster Caz ]	Hey crew 
[ rest ]		Yeah, Cap?
			We gonna need a little scratch for the rap
			Now Tone and Chasse
[ Tony Tone & Charley Chase ]	
			Yeah crew?
[ all ]			You're the DJ's, whatcha gonna do?

(r) (ro) (rock)

[ Grandmaster Caz ]	Guess what, y'all, I'm fresh
[ rest ]		(What makes you think so, Cap?)
[ Grandmaster Caz ]	Because I look so good, and I'm the lord of rap
[ rest ]		(How fresh?)
[ Grandmaster Caz ]	So fresh, that when I was young
			I learned to drive women crazy with my tongue
[ rest]			(Now, that's fresh...)

[ J.D.L. ]		Yeah - well, I get wild
[ rest ]		(What makes you say that, L?)
[ J.D.L. ]		Because it don't take much to make me yell
[ rest ]		(How wild?)
[ J.D.L. ]		So wild, that when I start to break
			Hey, you better step back and let me flake
[ rest ]		(Now, that's wild...)

[ Eazy A.D. ]		Well, I'm fly 
[ rest ]		(Who told you that, Eazy?)
[ Eazy A.D. ]		Your girl, his mother, and my lady
[ rest ]		(How fly?)
[ Eazy A.D. ]		So fly, sometimes it seems 
			All I got to do is smile, and I get screams
[ rest ]		(Now, that's fly...)

[ Almighty K.G. ]	I'm bold
[ rest ]		(What gives you that impression, Kay?)
[ Almighty K.G. ]	Because I don't care what nobody say
[ rest ]		(How bold?)
[ Almighty K.G. ]	So bold, I smack a man with his gun
			And kiss his woman, diss his mother, and don't even run
[ rest ]		(Now, that's bold...)

[ all ]			Fresh, wild, fly and bold
			And we'll be that way till we grow old
			For the rest of our lives, as long as we live
			We'll keep usin those adjectives
[ Grandmaster Caz ]	That do describe
			The heart-breakin tribe
[ J.D.L. ]		That do permit
			Us to go with
[ Eazy A.D. ]		A musical flow 
			That makes you say ho
[ Almighty K.G. ]	With a fresh rap style
			To make you go wild
[ Grandmaster Caz ]	Cold Crush
[ J.D.L. ]		Us 
[ Eahy A.D. ]		Deep in the cut	
[ Almighty K.G. ]	And if you don't believe we're real
[ all ]			Then touch	
			The Cold Crush

( *scratching* )

[ all ]			Fresh, wild, fly and bold
			Yes, we're what makes the Crush so cold
			Our rhymes will freeze all fake MC's
			That don't say please before they cease
[ Grandmaster Caz ]	Rhymes and routines that we make up
[ J.D.L. ]		You can't pour juice in a fake cup
[ Eazy A.D. ]		They cannot rape
[ Almighty K.G. ]	So they just rob
[ all ]			But a biter can't do a real rapper's job
[ Grandmaster Caz ]	But if you're hard-headed, and you still think so
			Grab your rhymes and your mic
[ all ]			And go for what you know

[ Almighty K.G. ]	My name is K.G
[ rest ]		(better known as the Al-)
[ Almighty K.G. ]	-mighty, and with the 3
[ rest ] 		(I'm sure you'll call)
[ Almighty K.G. ]	On us when your ear
[ rest ]		(is in need for a treat)
[ Almighty K.G. ]	And if you don't know, the K
[ rest ]		(that's who you got to meet)
[ Almighty K.G. ]	I'm 4th in line
[ rest ]		(and in due time)
[ Almighty K.G. ]	And every rapper in the business 
[ rest ]		(will know that I'm)
[ Almighty K.G. ]	Serious about this
[ rest ]		(and I don't play)
[ Almighty K.G. ]	I told a sucker MC that
[ rest ]		(just the other day)
[ Almighty K.G. ]	Cause I learned the ropes
[ rest ]		(and paid my dues)
[ Almighty K.G. ]	I'm goin for the gold
[ rest ]		(no way that I can lose)

[ Eazy A.D. ]		It's Eazy A.D. that you wanted to be
			Ever since you saw me emcee
			You wanted to be down to learn how to rhyme
			Even wanted your braids as long as mine
			But the rhymes I write are a real delight
			If you're a true MC, you would not bite
			On me or them, just sit down and 
			Write a rhyme with your mind, paper or pen
			But you can't, so you go, you will and you won't
			Take heed and feed and reap what I wrote

[ J.D.L. ]		When I'm on the stage I go a little beserk
			Start breakin, flakin, you know I do work
			I try to get you on mine when I deliver my lines
			Cause it's about makin ryhmes like no one else can design
			I do everything I can to make myself better
			Live on a steady diet of stages and ???
			Know all the celebs, so when I'm in the crowd
			They surround me like the press, scream my name out loud
[ rest ]		Yo J.D.L.
[ Grandmaster Caz ]	What's happenin?
[ J.D.L. ]		Where have you been?
[ Almighty K.G. ]	When are you rockin again?
[ J.D.L. ]		And when I'm boppin away, I hear a lot of them say
			"Damn, I wanna be like the L one day"

[ Grandmaster Caz ]	So many bitin MC's, you're all a pain in my neck
			They should be sendin me your royalty check
			You just bit my rhymes, didn't pay no tax
			Copied the music from someone else, put it on wax
			I'm mad as hell, cause it's bound to sell
			And you be bitin what I'm writin, and people can't tell
			You change it around, disguise the sound
			With no prior desire to write, that's why I frown
			On those of you that go shop too
			Be original and write like the Captain do
			So put your teeth away, and try someday
			And you can quote it, cause I wrote it only yesterday

[ all ]			Fresh!
[ Grandmaster Caz ]	And unless I miss my guess
			I'm the best, oh yes, beause I wrote the test
[ all ]			Wild!
[ J.D.L. ]		Honey child on the top of the pile 
			Once in a while I crack a smile
[ all ]			Fly!
[ Eazy A.D. ]		Know why? Cause to the day I die 
			I'll always be the guy you won't pass by
[ all ]			Bold!
[ Almighty K.G. ]	So cold and so hard to hold 
[ all ]			And when they made the Cold Crush, they broke the mold

			Man, let's get outta here, it's Miller time
			Hah! (hah)