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Artist: Colonel Loud f/ Ricco Barrino, T.I., Young Dolph
Album:  California (S)
Song:   California 
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{"Mr. Hanky!"} Bankroll Mob
Okay, okay, a-you know, you know

Well I be, bumpin' "California Love" on the Westside
Thanking God for the weed, women and the sunshine
Dumb hot, out on Sunset
Blowin' kush up from the one time, you get a contact
Catch ya ass at the red light, wanna run at 'em 
sideways in a Hellcat, on some run flat
By the way I, never seen a better view, not in Malibu
Bunch of bad bitches naked in the swimmin' pool
Hear the waves crashin', playin' spades in the livin' room 
We crackin', sound like a "Doggystyle" interlude (hey!)
Kurupt Gotti, nigga where the gas at?
Moon rock got me actin' like I never had shit
From Bankhead to a Hollywood address (BANKHEAD!!)
Same nigga though, one on one, get your ass kicked
Woo! Respect it more than a tad bit
Every hood, every set though - sheesh!
One time for the West Coast
LA, the Bay, from Sacramento out to San Diego, California

[Chorus: Ricco Barrino]
I stay gettin' that work in California
And all the killers they show me love in California, yeah
I flew a bitch from the A to California (California)
And I be smokin' on the best loud in California, ayy
California, aww California, I swear
I got to get back to that place to smoke on that - Caaaaa-li~!

[Young Dolph]
Palm trees in the air, the top pushed back 
Blowin' smoke out the roof, cookies to be exact
I'm always in Cali cause this is where it's at
Bitches, bud, good weather, what you know 'bout that?
Where all the fly bitches ride Benzes and Beamers
They either wanna be an actress or a singer
I'm at the strip club on Sunset, throwin' singles
With this bad bitch from Compton, pourin' lean up
Breakin' down Backwoods, rollin' gasoline up
Left the Laugh Factory, pulled up in Inglewood
I fuck with some Crips and I fuck with some Bloods
And I fuck with some Es├ęs 
My stash house in the Valley, welcome to my palace
Just went and killed two shows out in Dallas
Sellin' OG from LA and crates from the Bay~! 


[Colonel Loud]
Uhh; you know I gotta show the West love
I had to take a trip to Cali for the best bud
I been chillin' with the goons, yeah the real thugs
Went to Sacramento, nigga met a real plug
I said "I'm lookin' for the gas, where the kill at?"
Want the strong, gotta go where the Hill at
I met a bad bopper chillin' out in Frisco
Like to sip the Lime-A-Ritas and the Sisco
I hopped my ass on the 101 and headed north
And when I hit the Hill, I found what I was lookin' for
I'm feelin' like a leprechaun with a pot of gold
Bags of the gas, yeah the Colonel got a soul
I fly a bitch from the A with 100 racks
Put her ass in a rental, tell her "Run it back"
Fly another bitch in with 200 more
Welcome to California, the state of gold


[Ricco Barrino]
Somebody fly me out to 'Frisco
Oakland, San Jose or Vallejo
Shout out to EPA, Sacramento 
Where they keep a nigga laced with all the good smoke
I wanna fly out to L.A.
Meet a bad little honey with a pretty face
I wanna slide out to Inglewood
Long Beach where it feels good
And Compton, where the hell you at?
Show me love, we be lookin' for the loud packs
Shout out to South Central, shout out to Watts
Where the killers always got my back
I wanna chill out in Fresno (Stockton)
I wanna go to San Diego, yeah!
I got to get back to that place to smoke on that - Caaaaa-li~!
(ayy, that's why)