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Artist: Common Ground
Album:  The Appetizer
Song:   React
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J is for the way I jam
I jam on it
I'm the nucleus
For doing this the way you want it
If you're into it
Get involved
Move your body
Throw your hands
Pump your fists
Do-do it!
Get involved
Move your body
Throw your hands
Pump your fists

We're doing this for emcees around the world
B-boys and b-girls
Get into it
Were starting from scratch like
So you oughta react like
That's that shhh
That's that that yo
See that feedback need that thank you
Motion scripture
Verse one takes two

Takes you on bizarre rides
The far side is reached
Car rides with your peeps
Your mind is unleashed
No time to second guess what's next
Tongues flex like b-biceps
Push downs, triceps
Skull crush your fly reps
Spot rushing with a brother named Jayem
Making miraculous mayhem
Got to play them in Heavy ro-rotation
Watch your spacing
Some elbowroom is required
Perspired over bridges I never had to cross
Desired many highs, led to memory loss
Realized freedom can carry a very high cost
Decided to work for me so you know who's the boss

Working for me?
I'm working for you.
Feeling for me?
I'm feeling for you
You're feeling for me?
I'm feeling for you
I feel, I feel, I feel
Feel like I got the
The whole world in the palm of my hand
And I'm just riding the vibe
Like mass trans-it's crazy
One CD, y'all love me
If my sophomore joint flops
It aint so lovely
Oh well
I guess for success you have to fail
My third joint will be booty music
Because that's what sells
No, for real
You know the deal
I'm playing with a stacked deck
On some real hard work type
Type to make your back sweat
So get involved
Throw your fists if you're into this
For you nonmotivated wallflowers
I'm photosynthesis
Come off the wall before I come off on y'all
Have you saying
For a third grade teacher he's awfully raw
Come off the jaw without a thought or a flaw
Rock the house whether sticks, stones, bricks, or straw

Awww yes!
The stress free remedy
Letting the good vibes from inside come outside
My side is your side, eastside to westside
Reside on the same Earth
Same turf, same dirt
Same smirk when that same jam comes on
Same eyes roll when we know they're doing it wrong
Doing it strong for those who've been listening long
Listen, learn we aint no nerds, aint wasting our turn
We aint concerned with your game plans
We're plain man
But don't be doubtful about the game stance
Take a chance, storm the stage with a rain dance
Hit the fans
That's that shhh, that's that shhhh

I'm captivated by the BOOM-CLACK
There's too few emcees and crews just do rap
And choose to use slack
I fish with a tight line
A spiritual millionaire with infinite lifelines
Give me the 50/50 if only half of y'all are with me
Maybe you can phone a friend and bring the audience to fit we
Feel us
It's up to you, break the mold of the old
Step into something new
The t-t-type to put love where's it got to be
Feeding off your energy
Reci-reciprocity that's the best philosophy
Like an S apostrophe
The world belongs to us!
Can you and me get down-down, do it-do it

We're doing this for emcees around the world
B-boys and b-girls get into it
We're starting from scratch like
So you got to react like
That's that, that's that, that's that

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