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Artist: Clayborne Family
Album:  Clayborne Family
Song:   It's Gonna be a Problem
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Take it from the top let's run it
One two
Woo! Yeah, Clayborne
Clayborne, Clayborne Family
{*scratched: "It's gon' be a problem"*}
Get them trucks cleaned, it's gon' be a problem
And put them 26's on it man let's go big baby
Clayborne, yeah
Check, yo, yo

[Marc Live]
Who wanna step in the zone, you get your head flown, I ride violent
Check it, I make whole crews go silent
Come try it, it's not a problem
Beef I cook it, chicks I hook 'em
I put 'em on the block it's so easy
Look, I keep my hand on the glock believe me
Come get me (yeah)
I'm in front of the spot now you can see me
Ten deep in them three Jeeps, Donnie Brasco send for him
Look, I won't make no amends for him
Your crew is not that hard
We in the train with big guns like the National Guard, oh boy
It's a regular thing, doubt a Clayborne's
up on the cellular, destroy your venue
Serve you kids real hot on the menu
You ain't ready, yo we blow your door up
Rush the cash box and your black knot
{*"It's gon' be a problem"*}

Yo can we drink that dark {*"It's gon' be a problem"*}
When we smoke that green baby {*"It's gon' be a problem"*}

[Kool Keith]
John Clayborne, cousin of Jimmy Hicks
Move out the way I'ma track a hole and bust niggaz up the commode
The vocal booth connected I'd rather have women defecate
Famous thugs love the cocker knocker
Paparazzi take a picture of my toilet, shot picker you call it
Four bottles standin next to R. Kelly
Salmon case, we eat chicken lo mein
Cheap Chinese food, it's all belly
Yo Nigerilli, you know I'm datin the judge sisters
Leave the buttcracks with blisters
The anal control to put the diarrhea in the state in the solar
Chocolate cupcakes, sippin syrup with the Coca-Cola
Dental work, knock out your back molars
On top of your H2 Hummer, break your windshields I drop boulders
Dandruff honey, girls move with the Head & Shoulders
Catch a cold, I see you sneezin, boogers on the dashboard
You asked for it, a little mess on your Louis Vuitton seat covers
You heard of Stanley George and the heat brothers
The straw hat the squaredance ridin in the horse
With the mac-11 I come to greet brothers
Howdy Brody, step up, get away move out like Buffy and Jody


[Jacky Jasper]
Damaged goods, supply goods, manage take advantage
I'm takin your cabbage savage
Security excuse me
I wanna talk to Jay-Z dawg you a pimp right?
I wanna talk to David Banner like
Holla at Too $hort, scream at Lil' Flip
Trip, Snoop Deez is the pimp shit
Get, the pimp the gangster, Eightball & MJG
P-I-N enhancer P-I-M-P
I wanna talk to 50 right with Missy
Ricky Martin, nah he's a sissy
Janet Jack' e-mail me, go ahead
I love L.A., A-T-L, Louisville
Stay down South, LaGuardia fly out
Cash Money point me out
Shawn Anthony, Clayborne that's me
The hunger you're hungry the summery
Your money problems, not for big cats
Up in 40/40 take pictures with me
My family, and Puffy, we're lovely

[Chorus] - 2X

[Marc Live]
When we come through and break up the club yo it's gon' be a problem


[Marc Live]
When we come through and break up the spot yo it's gon' be a problem