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Artist: Chris Brown f/ Kanye West
Album:  Exclusive
Song:   Down
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I wanna get down, down, down, down
Down, Down, Down
Get Down
We can get down

[Kanye West]
Uh...Mr. West is in the building
Children, Ladies
Call the shrink up, they about to go crazy
Hold your drinks up, like you was celebrating
Hold your guns, if they is hella hating
I'm so clean, and them they got rabies
I can see them through the lens of my Raybe-
Ans, wait fast...MmmHmm 
'Ye do you play fair? MmmNnnn
Grab your remote, for the reason they made Tivo
Snap your Nikon's with the icons with Nike's on
I heard you like to do it with the lights on
But I really make babies when the mics on
Check out all my kids, that bought all my cribs
Got me out of that apartment
You have got to pardon him
I am so retarded with a spit like a retarded kid that spits
Ooops, I ain't mean to say that shit
I told my homie Chris, these chicks is dangerous
You need a girl that's A List
Not one that's just barely made it on a list
Cause from Wall To Wall 
We got it poppin' right now
Its a hundred girls, try to get down down down

Verse Two [Chris Brown]:
Baby girl, gotta tell you
Seen you somewhere before
You look familiar
You had a red shirt, Dickie slacks, and a Gucci bag to match it
Tell me you remember that baby girl
But lady never mind that
Can I take you out later? 
And here's my contact
Can you do me this favor? 
Can you spend this paper?
Only you cause its just sitting and lets just get it and go

Chorus [Chris Brown]:
Let me [x3]
Guarantee [x3]
I'll make your day, OKAY!!!
I wanna get down, down, down, down (Get Down)
Down, Down, Down (Get Down)
Get Down 
We can get down

Verse Two [Chris Brown]:
The way I see it girl, You a perfect ten
That's why I'm all on you baby
You got me wondering
What to do, what to say
Don't want to come off lame
Girl do you gotta man?
Better yet girl, what's your name?
Just let me [x3]
Guarantee [x3]
I'll make your day
Now if you hit it 
Shawty [x2]
Let me [x2]
Take you better way 
Baby can we dream, just for today?

[Chorus x2]
OH BABY!!!!!!