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Artist: Chrome
Album:  Straight to the Pros
Song:   1g Oz
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[Chorus 2X]
I got 16 ounces, purple and yellow Tuss'
Add ice with it and mix it up in a cup
Add ya Jolly Ranchers to go-on spice it up
Wait a second, maybe a minute you might feel woozy

What you know about sippin' on purple and yellow tuss
Then add jolly ranchers to go-on spice it up
Now you leaning when you walk cuz its filled up to your cup
Motivation skill low cuz it got you fucked up
You niggaz really know nothin' bout that purple in my name
Fuck a baby barter, gimme a 20 oz I'm straight
I cant get intoxicated, might fall flat on my face
Now I'm talkin' with a slur, so nan word you heard
I'm movin' in slow mo, about to fall on the flo
I need to get it together just to make it out the door
I'm full of this purple lean, I don't need no mo
I'm higher than a mufucka, tell my guys lets go

[Chorus 2X]

Now I'm scratchin' for a itch and itchin' for me a scratch
An' my eyes gettin' heavy, I'm havin' a lean attack
No time to up and panic, like Joe I lean back
So I get myself together and fire up a dro sack
Pop the seal on the bottle, I love when the sound crack
I got 16 ounces you know there's no lookin' back
I advise you non-sippers to stick to your peeved paths
I'm the purple lean king, you're better off with crack
I'm never catchin' a cold, then yerp, put it on hold
I got 16 ounces, purple and yellow gold
So I add ice with it and mix and let it get cold
Wait a second maybe a minute you might say Whoa

[Chorus 4X]