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Artist: (Chops f/) Kanye West
Album:  Virtuosity
Song:   Changing Lanes
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[Kanye West]
Yeah, and you say Chi city
And you say Chi city
I'm down with Chops from Philly
Nothin' really just to rock me free and Mack Milly

Listen, yo
I drove too new york with ten dollars to my name
Brought back a couple platinum plaques on the plane
Brought back and sold you to change the game
Had a little beef I had to aim, it's stainless steel
The lyrics in my heart I can't restrain they real
I swear to God I wish I had a dollar bill
For every time a nigga told me stick to the peace
I could have ate a cheese, cakin' leas six times a week
Plus I'm killin' these niggaz on that lyrical shit
Man-days coloris I push miracle with
Though I'm killin' these niggaz on that lyrical shit
Mayonaisse color Benz I push miracle whips
Chaning Lanes
Yeah, I'm changing lanes