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Artist: Choppa f/ Master P, B.G.
Album:  Straight From the N.O.
Song:   Represent Yo Block
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Whaa-whaa-what's up whoadie what's up
B. Gizzle, and my dog Choppa Stizzle
You understand, K-Nizzle on the trizzack
And this some G-code shit, you know 
We let em gotta let em say it, gotta let em hang
Cause it ain't no thang, look

I ain't the one to be repping stunting, or bragging nigga
But I got a G coupe, and a Benz wagon nigga
I pull up you know hoes, they harass a nigga
I'm thugging t-shirt, Reebok's and bo's sagging nigga
To let you know, Gizzle ain't just rapping nigga
Keep that glock 40, and that bitch plastic nigga
Ready to flash it nigga, play me I ain't gon have it nigga
You end up, in a casket nigga
I'm bout my bidness, ain't bout playing and laughing nigga
I take measures, you know that they drastic nigga
Choppa Style and Chopper City, straight macking nigga
Game tight, never never lacking nigga
You got dogs, I suggest you ask a nigga
They'll tell you I'm bout killing, jacking kidnapping nigga
Before you step, I advise you get practice nigga
The number one Hot Boy, triple platinum nigga

[Hook (Master P) - 2x]
This is for my niggaz, who be all about cash
On that block posted up nigga, (thug until we drop)
This is for my niggaz, who be all about cash
In that cut posted up nigga, (represent your block)

I'm from that Wild West bigger, they call me Choppa Stizzle
Kenoe did the track, so I flipped it with B. Gizzle
A lot of niggaz hating, and a lot of niggaz loving
A lot of bitches waiting, plus a lot of bitches cussing
I still make em say aaah, when I be hanging with B. Geez and them
Smoking on that doja, with Soulja Slim and Lil' Weez and them
And I got a household name, like Arm-&-Hammer
And keep shit deep in the vest, to get me the slammer
I'm from a small town, called Mararoe
Where we ride slow, windows down pounds to blow
You wanna happen in Mokwestas, won't you ask me please
hate the way I rap hustle, and I stack's my G's
I call my cous' Raky and Johnny to get it, they'll let you have it
Ask Juve how I set it off, he get it from his daddy

[Hook - 2x]

This is for my nigga, this is for my niggaz
This is for my motherfucking, real ass niggaz

[Master P]
Thug until we drop, represent your block - 2x

Man what's happ'ning with you, B. Geezie
This for my motherfucking, real ass niggaz ya heard me
Knuckle up buckle up, do some'ing nigga I'm telling ya
We coming for this here, yeah