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Artist: Choobakka
Album:  My Time
Song:   Guns Cocked
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 [news guy]
were on the scene of another tragick moment
in the hip hop industry, big daddy recording artist
choobakka, was found dead in his upper east side penthouse
this mornning with a single gun shot wound to the head
as of now the police have no leads on how this tragic
incident accord..reporting from manhattan
This is ron thomas for Action News

[chorus] - 2X
gun cocked, visioning the shells drop after I drop
(WOW)visioning the camera shots
it all started with hunger and thirst
till the album drop, then the problems started
and they never stopped

I remember this girl, telling me turn that shit down
now I walk by her house and she playing it loud
I went from, thats not my child
to, oh thats my son now
on t.v 1 time my girls wanna have mine
see they wouldn't lend me no douhh
now they asking and use to be shamed of me
now they bragging, this what happened when you go platnium
everybody jump on your dick and start fake acting
I understand and if I don't go along with the plan
I probably don't make a hit DAMN
forget it thought, I'ma tell the truth
and if it hurt let me know I'ma do it mo'
see they don't appriciate you, till you got more
than what they got and then when you do you still high
(u dont remember were you came from, nigga you forgot)
tell me were the fuck you was when I didn't have a part
to piss in or a plug to the radio in and listen
to the hot shit niggas was spittin'
girls wouldn't rap then, now they want me to smack it with them
and sick crazy style possissions, from that to this
and I don't hate nobody, but see they cant tell me shit
when they see me at a party, I dont know u
bounce before I make the bouncer's throw u
then later might call you to see how I tore u

[chorus] - 2X

I remember, when a lot of ya'll wish I would forget
You lucky revenge aint my thing, alot of you could've got hit
This is serious some of my closest hurt be the worst
I guess enough for me to ride around than spit it out on a verse
I never had friends only those that pose to be and being a gemini
all this was shown to me, plus my dad said before he died
keep your friends close by, but keep your enemys high
it's easier to catch the lies, now I can see the signs
some of them ween't fine, put still not enough
to hide the truth poring out there eyes
I look deep up inside, deep enought to feel a vibe
go head tell a lie, betcha can't get one by
learned threw family ties, the only way to stay alive
is the ? i'll be damned if I dont get on with mine

[chorus] - 2X

I want the world to know what it took to get on
and I want you to know I was broke when I wrote this song
most of the niggas by my side, they dont belong
but I kept then there (why is that?)to prove I was strong
now you could be gone, it's not like I need see
You act like I cant blow if you dont row wit' me
fuck you G, I did this whole thing by myself
and if not me, tell me who else, STOP Liyin
You wanna be ballers well you could all start crying
exept for my real niggas ya'll could all start diyin
I aint fucking with niggas that wanna watch dollar signs
if you can't handle your watchu gon' do with mine

[chorus] - 2X