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Artist: Chill Rob G
Album:  Ride the Rhythm
Song:   Motivation
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My rhymes as I kick them ( ? ) em to the beat
I'm advancin, people dancin in the street
To my drum, more wise words from the Chill one
You felt the effect in the past and you're still numb
Leavin you bugs in the dust is a must for me
Silly you clowns got around and discuss the G
Wonderin which move I might make next
I'm stackin my rhymes so I climb to the apex
Why should I wait for a date with destiny?
I'll pick the time, the place that's best for me
Don't bother tryin to block or hold me back
Advancement is my mind's only track
I'm an aristocrat, a ghetto diplomat
And I'm blessed with a gift for rap
So I'm shootin my mouth off cause suckers are shootable
Flauntin my flesh cause I'm black and it's beautiful
Many have fallen from bein too careless
It pays to raise your cultural awareness
Know who you are, where you're goin and where you came from
Breakin your neck for respect, man, that's plain dumb
Respect is somethin you gain by bein yourself
Otherwise we're respectin somebody else
The person you wanna be, not who you really are
Yo, can you follow me, or did I just go too far?
I don't wanna confuse y'all, so just get on board
And walk this way, cause I'm movin forward
Advancin, swift is how I move
Before I grip the mic I calm my mood
Let me activate, I'm an activist
You wanna rap? Develop an knack for this
Learn to use your head, got to be more careful
Be doin nothin stupid cause somebody dared you
I'm an ear full, an eye full and a rival
Givin you back what you lack for survival
Into rappin, it just so happens that I'm a blackman
Rob is chill, got skill and I pack jams
Rhymes I wrote I devote to promote pride
People can quote what I spoke cause I don't lie
My records do not slip, skip and they won't slide
This jam was made by the King and I
Mark's remarkable, bass shakes the floor board
The whole place vibrates while I'm movin forward
Out of my way, you seen my comin
Drop from the sky and I hit the ground runnin
No confusion or complication
The name is still Chill Rob and this groove is Motivation