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Artist: Chill Rob G
Album:  Ride the Rhythm
Song:   Make It
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(This time we're gonna make it)

[ VERSE 1 ]
I'm Chill, bust it, no need to discuss it
I made the record rough so you could rush it
So spin it, play it, memorize it, say it
My rhyme is law, the beat obeys it
Rob the roller to break the boulder
There's four aces and I'm the holder
My song will pump right because I'm trump tight
I got it customized, go fly a kite
I'll take the weight when the records break
And why try to analyze and listen for little mistakes
"Yo, he don't sound right"
Look, be outta here 'fore I beat you with the mic
Honeys are horny, they all up on me
I didn't see em comin and nobody warned me
But I'm not John and I don't pay to play
I just rock the box from day to day
The mind conceives it, Rob can achieve it
If I give you should wanna receive it
Live a little, let yourself loose
What you're slowin down? You must need a boost
From the bass, not the pipe type
That's too damn hype for me
What I like to see
Is people gettin busy
Till they're damn near dizzy
Turn it, churn it, twist it, lift it and shake it
You know what? We can make it

[ VERSE 2 ]
Scooboolywawawa, contact
Went halfway around the world, then I came back
Chillin in Tokyo, London and Amsterdam
People pack the parties we jam
I see the world cause I'm an MC
While you join the army and be all you can be
I mean all they let you
But how can I sweat you?
Go ahead and step to
Whatever you think is right, it's your life
I ain't with it cause I'm not the type
Now back to what's at hand, here we stand
I got the mic so I'm the man
Timin in rhymin, that's the key
Writin rhymes about things that I do and I see
Or have seen, see what I'm sayin is my deep insight
Helps me out a whole lot when it's time to write
My manuscript's made for musical merger
Livin like a trooper, spendin like a splurger
Drugs don't excite, that's not my appetite
The money, the money, it gives me delight
I like to hold it, fold it, put it in my pocket
And close em up to make sure I don't drop it
I'm not needy, greedy, cheap or tight
But nothin on the planet is free, am I right?
Since I'm givin it, you should take it
What's the title of this? We Can Make It