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Artist: Chill Rob G
Album:  Ride the Rhythm
Song:   Let Me Show You
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(Get down)

[ VERSE 1 ]
The truth will set you free, let you see the light
You don't need to watch TV tonight
And stop talkin while I'm speakin or start walkin
Coke you're smokin got you gaggin and coughin
It's a beacon of light that I present
Illuminatin the mic with common sense
I profile the style of the Chill one
Now close your eyes, son, cause I'm the rising sun
Back up, don't sweat me, let me earn my pay
People fiendin for funky tracks we lay
Need I say I built my rep on
The fact when others turned back I kept on
Rhymin, climbin, the timin, the fist fighter
All you crumb snatchers, I'm here to diss biters
I don't trust you any further than I can throw you
You have any doubts? Look, let me show you

[ VERSE 2 ]
What type of thing are you into? These rhymes I'm bringin you
Are sort of like slingin you, I'll tell you a thing or two
I see what's in front of me, the G is no wanna-be
I hope you know this ain't as hype as it's gonna be
I know I'm original, the G is no criminal
Never switchin position cause the condition is terminal
I do what I gotta do like a brother's supposed to
I'm livin my life right like I took an oath to
I'm pushin my way through, I won't let you slow me down
Chill is a prefix, Rob is a proper noun
G is for greatness, I don't wanna debate this
The way that I'm risin I appear to be weightless
I may sound crazy, this might look easy
Suckers don't faze me, crabs don't skeeze me
You wanna know the time, then bust a rhyme
Here's my favorite line - let me show you

[ VERSE 3 ]
I hear a lot of rappers who seem to lackluster
Execute your rhyme with all the force that you can muster
Just a hint, as I sprint toward my own goal
Rob is chill, got skill and get stone-cold
But I'm a free thinker, I'll tinker with your brain game
More when I put you on board my thought train
All aboard, you can all applaud, and Lord
Have pity on a fake or flake or fraud
Think you're cool? What a fool we take you for
Wastin time on rhymes that make you snore
Puttin yourself to sleep is ridiculous
To shake you up, wake you up, we kick you this
Seems like you get up and go, got up and left
Now just watchin me you're all out of breath
Sit down, relax yourself, don't tax yourself
Here's a pretty good question to ask yourself
Am I lackin, how am I livin, am I givin all I got?
If not, let me show you