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Artist: Childish Gambino f/ Chaz Kangas
Album:  Sick Boi
Song:   My Hoodie
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Childish Gambino]
My name's Bambino, I'm always in trouble
I do stupid shit on a dare like double
Think your game's tight, I'ma bust your bubble
I shop at Gucci and Barneys like rubble
Scope like Hubble, quick like chunnel
I leave emcees in the dark like tunnel
Men do huddles, girlfriends cuddle
Eh heh, alright

[Chorus: Childish Gambino]
My hoodie on glow {*4X*}
My hoodie, my my my hoodie on glow {*2X*}

[Childish Gambino]
My hoodie so dope, my hoodie so tight
My hoodie in school cause my hoodie so bright
Welcome, my nigga, to color Crayola
Got the bright purple, like a grape soda
Nigga I told you, my hoodie no joker
Walk up in the hoodie to a party like toga
Breathe like yoga, get off my scrotum
The color of my hoodie like a Lisa Frank folder
I'm at the Kid Robot, my wallet done shown up
They had five hoodies, but this shit done sold out
Spent too much, I know a bad habit
My hoodie look like a shit from a Trix rabbit


[Chaz Kangas]
Y'all know I'm a hoodie all pro
Find me in my hoodie like a hoodie Waldo
Rocking Amadeus like a hoodie falco
Staying self-absorbed like I'm Frida Kahlo
From the playground, with the sports team on it
To the old folks home put some morphine on it
I rock my hoodie whether rain or shine
Overpriced in a Sam Goody frame of mind
Got a pouch in the front that holds my CD's
And warms my hands when it's too breezy
Believe me, the quickest way to get hurt
Is if I catch you callin it a hooded sweatshirt

[Chorus] - done by Chaz Kangas