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Artist: Childish Gambino f/ Eugene Cordero
Album:  Sick Boi
Song:   Love Is Crazy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

We can go to Saturn, it doesn't really matter
We can get there, we can do it if you try
You know that I love you, put no one else above you
We can get there, we can do it if we try

[Childish Gambino]
Knock, knock, it's me
I'ma take ya fine ass out to Applebee's
Get anything you want, the shit is free - my friend work here
Whatcha mean, I ain't romantic?
I bought you flowers, so what they plastic?
We could fuck for hours, so what I'm nasty?
I ain't got the roommate, that was my old place
I'mma take you to the crib and show you the O face
You make me feel like I'm back in the 5th grade
Had a crush on Keana and she rocked the one braid
And I thought that sex was when you touched a girl's butt
You could get a girl pregnant, so look but don't touch
I like you so much, I know it sound crazy
But I'd have a sex change just so I could have your baby
Ooooh! The roles are reversed
So you got a huge dick, and I got a Prada purse
A nigga so sick, that my car's a doctor
Take a gamble on a nigga that your name was Proctor
Kick it in Chinese like you're Shaolin soccer
Got nothin' but dinero, so you meetin the Fockers
Look at my clock-ers, it's time to roll out
Get sneaks, sneaks and sneaks, and they sold out
That's what I'm all about and if you got the time
It's hard to make change when you want one dime


[Eugene Cordero]
Welcome back everyone to 'The Noise in Space'
Got a new constellation for you to trace
Use the far East star for your startin place
You see it? My big dipper slappin you in the face
Step out of the shed, let the sun be felt
on your head as you undo Orion's Belt
Oh nuts! I just crashed landed
on the planet of the gay cli-ché
Talkin Milky Way, bouquets
Broadway, bubblay and Michael Bu-blé
Sorry if I caught you off-guard
with my five second de-lay
But the jet-lag's making me loopy
and my sales are soupy
Soupy Sales!
I eat chocolate!

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[repeat 3X]
I love you baby (I love you baby) {*3X*}
I love you baby

I love you baby {*2X*}