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Artist: Childish Gambino
Album:  Royalty
Song:   Shoulda Known
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[Chorus 2X: Childish Gambino]
One love, you can let it out
You can let it out, you can let it out
Cause, I shoulda known, I shoulda knownnnn
Shoulda known, I shoulda knownnnn

[Childish Gambino]
'Bino, I'm so for real-o, +Green+ like I'm Cee-Lo
Hangin out with Kilo, Kish, smokin on that Keisha
I'ma need that Visa, I'm workin on everything that I'm touchin man
I'm bustin two white Russians drinkin themselves but it still ain't nothin yo
It's Eastside if you can't tell, North Decatur and Glendale
So fuck y'all, all y'all, if y'all don't like me, good~!
Put that on my partner man I wish a nigga, would
I'm sayin we ain't playin man I hope that's under-stood
I'm in my zone though, fuckin 'round with that four-oh
Eatin my mama's salmon but skippin on the risotto
Girl said that she need the follows, tweet her and she'll do any
Man, I'm tryin to stay off, readin 'em makes me angry
On the back on the tour bus, recordin the two of us
Stacks at that Apple store, man this ballin is new to us
Tryin to make amends, bailin on all my friends
Niggaz went to the club, sent a beat to Gucci instead
Man I'm feelin right, my nigga Fam yellin "Don't stop"
And half my crew is always faded on some lowtop
Stopped drinkin for the most part
My only vices all our pictures on my laptop
You screamin at me sayin, "I ain't what you really want"
Christina's parents, baby all I make is +Milians+
We got the shows, we GOT the paper, but I want respect
So tell them haters we ain't quittin yet
Let 'em know

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

[Childish Gambino]
One love, the thing that hasn't changed
My parents lost their job, it's so cold in the A
Now that I'm 1%, I send most of it home
I wanna stunt but she need to pay off her student loans
And everybody saying, "Get it while you hittin man
We want them harder beats, that 808, you slippin man"
Dude is so stupid, poppin anything they hand me
All that parking lot, pimpin, politickin in Miami
In that home of the D where they sell that cake batter
Heard a voice in the back, hate from all the fake rappers
that I - I shitted on, shitted onnnn
I shitted on, shitted onnnn
Rap your soul dude, let the mic blaze
Show 'em A-Town, Eastside, all day
I put it on, I put it onnnn
I put it on, I put it onnnn
Life is somethin IMAX, film is at a climax
I ain't even started - was it stupid I departed?
Man probably; but now we do the things we always wanted
I'm proud of me, cause I am undoubtedly
a force to be reckoned with, please somebody cum laude me
Graduated, anticipated the hatred and doubted me
Not a prodigy, just a hard worker from the Dean's List
When most these rappers doin "sew-sew" like a seamstress
Jesus, ay, ay

[Chorus] - repeat 2X w/ ad libs