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Artist: Childish Gambino f/ Nipsey Hussle
Album:  Royalty
Song:   Black Faces
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[Intro: Nipsey Hussle]
Turn that beat up for me
Really everything, like the headphones
Yeah, yeah, little bit louder
No punch, y'know that mean we workin hard

[Nipsey Hussle]
Look, young rich nigga shit, pops was an immigrant
Lifestyle illegit but know I own businesses
Started out the trunk, ended up at the dealership
All gold Roley, black face, no blemishes
Legend in my city cause I grind so vigorous
If I show my face west of Texas that's a big event
Gotta pay me twenty cents just to hear me vent
I'm really out here on some shit, you should take a flick
Ballin on my own ten toes so the difference is
I call shots, never ask for permission man
I got a lot of big plans in my vision and
I ain't failed yet; 'bout a dollar hell yes
I'm a problem filled test, it's only gettin worse
I swear I'm gettin money, I just hope you gettin yours
I'm killin niggaz solo so you know I'm gettin more
Now that young Gambino on the chorus, go

[Chorus: Childish Gambino]
This is for that real shit, this is for that Eastside
This is for my bad girls, this is for them good guys
This is for my grandma, this is for that Westside
This is for them niggaz talkin shit, on a website
Damn I feel good, you ain't feelin nothin
This is for my niggaz who be livin dime a dozen
'Bino got that good shit, Nipsey got them aces
On some young rich shit, Kennedys with black faces

[Childish Gambino]
Yeah, black faces
My Roley's so racist, all black faces
Obama on that million dollar bill, black faces
Yeah nigga black faces
Yeah, yo I got this
Yo turn, turn it up a little
Ay, here we go, okay

League of my own, swag Geena Davis
Only rapper make 100 K on your playlist
Niggaz talk on Twitter, but in life they don't say shit
My Roley's so racist, all black faces
We the new facet, kill 'em like Jason
Grind in my sleep, man a nigga need braces
Wonder what you feelin like, used to be the nervous type
They ain't mention 'Bino? Man that shit must be on purpose, right?
Hostile, nigga my style?
Kind of flow to paint a picture, Norman Rockwell
I don't eat pasta, everything is low-carb
I don't fly coach now, say I fly Goyard
Leave a face covered in that coast guard
Metaphor Mozart, all we do is tell 'em the truth
M. Fox to my people on some family ties
Magazines got black faces when somebody dies
I mean look at Donna Summer, she was tryin to survive
People wrestle over petty cash, when we should really be cryin
over that 1% like we tipped a milk glass, fuck y'all
I'ma let my grandkids ball
Look to the future, these dudes so last week
See me stuntin so Condé Nasty
Me and Nipsey on some grown shit
No rent, own shit, so Jim Crow shit
Black faces

[Outro: Childish Gambino]
Ay nigga black faces
Black faces
That's royalty nigga