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Artist: Childish Gambino f/ Heems (Das Racist)
Album:  Womyn 2 (S)
Song:   Womyn 2 (Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Ladiesssssss! Ah-ha-ha
Women {*8X*}

Women are the best
Women - sometimes they're in a dress
Women - sometimes I wear my wedge
Women - sometimes they wear, heels
Women - sometimes they make you feel, angry
Sometimes they make you feel, happy
Sometimes you be sleepy
and then you sleep with them, and next to 'em it's great
(Great!) Sometimes they're on a dat
You talk about all these things
how you equate one another to one another for one another
And how you love your lover
Women - I like their energy
Women - they got the best energy
Women - they got positive energy
Women - all of them are sweatin me
Women - the best
Women - I must confess
Women - I respect you
Women - I wish more people respected you
Women - men are scum
(Men are scum) usually men are dumb
(Men are dumb) usually men don't know nothin
(Men don't know nothin) usually men is frontin
(Men is frontin) women (ladiesssss)
Women (ladiesssss)
Women (ladiesssss)
The world would be a better place if it was run by women
Women; yo hold up
They got a glass ceiling, it's really not fair
For women... Childish Gambino?

[Childish Gambino]
Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em
It seems like you like 'em, you always rap about 'em
Especially Filipinas in jeans and beat up Adidas
+Red Hot+ter than Anthony Kiedis, Jesus lay off my penis~!
Women who are independent still want their drinks for free
Women watch "New Girl" and say "Oh my God that's me!"
Whaaaaaat? The lamest nigga that you ever met
But I got that green so vagina showin mad respect
Women walk around with no pants like they Donald Duck
And be askin "Why you wanna fuck?" Stoooopiiiid!
You lucky I don't have a fuck, to giiiive!
So I eat her pink berry 'til her eyes roll back
like a dry contact, I'm makin out to the "Drive" soundtrack
I'd die to sound black, vut I'm stuck with this happy-go-lucky attitude
Women only be fuckin dudes who be treatin them sort of rude
Beat 'em and leave 'em bruised, meet 'em at Ruby Foo's
Noodles and Looney Tunes under comforters smooching you
I'm not this type of dude! Until recently
Now every Echo Park Shark want a piece of me
Secretly at a "speakeasy" white niggaz spinnin Eazy-E
If it was me, girls wouldn't find it so interesting
I give a fuck if these trendy niggaz is listening
'Bino be that nigga who's fuckin quicker to kill himself
So when you like "I'm 'bout kill this faggot!" I'm like "Need some help?"

Women {*16X to fade*}