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Artist: Childish Gambino
Album:  I Am Different (S) *
Song:   I Am Different
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* hidden remix on some downloads of I AM JUST A RAPPER 2

[Childish Gambino]
I am so different being me is like the lottery
I am so on like the TV when you fall asleep
Niggaz makin pottery, but I broke the mold
Now my shit has got 'em dancin like a baby Oakenfold
Yes I got a lust for life, and I drink my weight in whiskey
And these hoes are actin different cause I'm +Rich+ comma +Richie+
These friends are iffy, they're alcoholic geniuses
I think they hang around until I'm drunk and buy them Guinnesses
I gotta drink my medicine to cover what's inside of me
I'm still fucked up from the days nobody liked me
I'm lyin just a little when I say that I don't give a fuck
You know I gotta give a fuck... you know I gotta give a fuck
My face is broken out, my shirt is hand-me-down
This kid named Vincent want to take my shirt and lay me out
I'm tryin to fit in like a fat bitch in her shoe size
It's funny how I'm flyer now than witches on their broom rides
I always thought these new clothes, were the potion
cause I never felt that good in my own skin
It's probably cause I'm the only black kid in my school
And when I meet another black kid they tell me I'm a fool
cause I wear these tight clothes, tight jeans, tight shirts
Yeah I stay tight like these girls that make my dick hurt
Yeah I'm self-conscious, go ahead laugh it up
Cause I dig deep and pull somethin out to back it up
They told my ass to blacken up, "What the fuck are you?"
"You don't even say shit, quit writin gay shit"
Now when they see me, have to squint like Asians
cause I'm too bright like an old night light
When I do not talk, I am being polite
Rap all night, act all day
Momma so scared I'ma waste away
I don't have time to sleep, I don't have time to eat
These niggaz got time to do everything but be unique
I gotta do me, like I'm jerkin to a mirror
I am just a rapper, can't make it clearer
To every kid in a world full of pain
Please give a listen to this song and my name
Childish Gambino, we are all children
I am just a murderer, man I just killed this~!