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Artist: Childish Gambino
Album:  Eat Your Vegetables (S)
Song:   Eat Your Vegetables *
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* samples from the underwater levels of Donkey Kong Country

[Intro: repeat 4X]

[Childish Gambino]
D-Money hoe, all we do is tell them so
Why we look professional and you look like a talent show
All we do is bank, royalty forever
and find a bad bitch, bring her home like a veteran
Make her waffles, with pecans
I'm eating, one free hand
Been saying that we roll with the illest
like roaches in the kitchen, go and watch a nigga kill it
I'm a P-I-M-P, why we spelling
Cause there's K-I-D's around me
DeKalb County, where you at?
If you with me, holla back
A-T-L done got 'em here
Bankhead Row turned Hallowell
Percocet for my kinfolk
My girl look like Miss Info
Y'all been slow, I been told
Y'all Kinkos {copy hoe}
No I ain't drunk, I just text badly
Running through paper like a pep rally
When I'm in your city better get rowdy
I spit Downy, no shit 'bout me
Stone Mountain Georgia, got somethin, for ya
Killin bars, I'm a, lawyer
Baby drinking Goya, girl put your shades on
Man I die for my hood (Trayvon!)

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
D-Money, get 'em, get 'em, get 'em... 

[Childish Gambino]
He talk shit, he better not
Rap game, my wet spot
I fucked y'all, you fucked up
like white girls with dreadlocks
So dred not, I rowboat
These hoes know, no photos
My girl ball like Lobo
then she blow my K-Ci
and JoJos, where the fuck my money at
In the hood like I'm fixin a Pontiac
On deck with a gang of black Kennedies
Eight goons and they all got felonies
Still gettin money like white folks
Still got quotes like Geico
I don't know French, that's "ma faute"
Never not funny like fat jokes
Like when, like when someone is like, "what happened to Chris?"
And you turn around and there's a fat guy that kind of looks like Chris
And you like, "oh shit" and you start laughin and shit
And I'm back in this bitch
And I'm black and I'm rich
And I'm cashing it in for some passion and sin
For some action with them, yeah
Got a stank hoe with me
Driving around and I run the whole city
Everybody know she got tig ol' bitties
But nobody cares it's like it's J-Cole/Diggy
Jordon Diddy on my stereo
High on shrooms like Mario
Salvia, shamanic drugs
Fuck my life, they on to us
I'm fly as fuck (fly as fuck)


[Childish Gambino]
Fuck y'all, I come hard
like Spongebob, my friends stars
like Friendster, nobody gon' to remember you
Whack dudes, they like you
But only for a day or two
They hated you
From now on, like D-Money
like Faison, I hate on that
Lame song they play on, that play on
I can't take, royalty
on my shit, on my dick I can't wait
Toe to toe, I bang shit
Homophobes on gay shit
You don't know the hoes I hang with
My bungalow's like Vegas
Had a couple million but I put them in her stomach
She like "Oh my God, I'm cummin"
I kiss her neck and she love it
Yeah we got a safe word, but we never use it
Man, I'm hidin all these bruises in a shirt I got from Houston
Got her usin the acoustics in my cruiser's new Isuzu
And who knew I'd be on Hulu with two dudes I used to Google
I'm frugal with time, every girl's a dime, when your bank account's mine
Mine... we just ate feaucoup(?) burger