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Artist: Childish Gambino f/ Amber Petty, DC Pierson
Album:  Poindexter
Song:   Starlight
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: Amber Petty]
Starlight... where did you go?
I've been running around the world... gotta let you know

[repeat Chorus]

[DC Pierson]
I got the Empire State, now I'm working on the next part
Trying to build an empire, I'm wishing on the Death Star
I murdered the dish, I've eloped with the spoon
Tri-coastal; and the third coast is the moon
When it hits your eye like a get in your eye thing
And we do the I like you like like you like like thing
I can't promise I won't be dressed like a viking
When I do the whole picking you up on my bike thing
Another white rapper's CD in my spokes
I would swear y'all converted to rap for the jokes
I spit black smoke, I'm the hip-hop pope
They make anti-me PSA's cause I'm dope
And when it's not clear you can cope
The worlds a negative iPod you just hear "Nope"
Nights on the pavement, you just stop breathing
On some Liz Lemon moving back to Cleveland
Street lights people, up and down the boulevard
"Don't stop believing" in your +Journey+ and I know it's hard
They call me Violet Beauregard
Cause I just blow up; no regard
All I really need is a bar to belly up to
A balcony, a star crossed lover to yell up to
So what are you up to? This weekend I'm free
'Til then I'll just shine and let you find me


[Childish Gambino]
I shine like the sun, my mouth is a gun
Pop off and they run, two things like a pun
This is not just for fun and I cut with my tongue
My mouth's a Swiss army, take over your country
I run like a hum-vee, I don't need gas-o-line
I run on these rappers so skip the stromboli
I make these niggaz say "GRRREAT~!" like +Tony+
So how the fuck you gonna say these bitches don't know me?
How the fuck you gonna say these bitches don't know me
when you're all on the tip of my +Dick+ like +Moby+
The wait is over, no baking soda
I saw them dudes move bricks and boulders
I saw them dudes move flats and corners
and they moved that sugar like Russell Stovers
I got that green like a four leaf clover
"Get Rich or Die Trying" like my name +two quarters+
Dope boys they get me
We got the same hustle 'til the tank on empty
And if you dope boy, better watch +The Wire+
And get the shit straight, turn back, retire
Cause one in a mill' turn snow to fire
You either move weight, play ball or neither
Because I'm neither, the hood MaCgyver
The boy blew up like he knew Al Qaeda
My life so sweet that my balls Godiva
The world in front and the hood behind us
Yeah, the hood behind us
Yeah, the hood behind us

[Chorus] - 2X

Starlight... {*echoes*}