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Artist: Childish Gambino
Song:   Both Hands
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Childish Gambino]
These guys aren't tough and stuff
They can talk that shit when the chips are up
but the chips are down, cause I put them there
And I got a Hot Chip like the indie band
This is Christmas man, and my flow is Miami
And the only gold that I have is my Emmy bitch
Yes and a nigga stay down like I'm in a ditch
These niggaz never did shit different, I was tired of it
See the other side of it
Hate how they say how hip-hop is dead and everybody is the same now
I am not the same, how could I ever be?
I am so fly and on fire like a phoenix wing
I go lightspeed, you go slow pace
And I go hard like G-O in bold face
Used to do me cause I had to, now a nigga like to
cause I get cheese like the mice do
I'm a work of art
Crush niggaz like I'm crushin on Annie Clark
They stopped sleepin on me, good +Mourning+ like +Alonzo+
Go ahead and cut that shit out like a tonsil
Yes I stay weird and fuck chicks like I'm Gonzo
Sleepin on a cow pie, tired of the bullshit
Dick is her baby, why does she abuse it?
Eight shots and a beer and I'm passin out
Glasses, leather jacket, I'ma ask you out
Spend the night if you got your own tooth brush
I really think I'd like you - but not too much
I got big plans
Yeah I feel myself hard like both hands
Yeah, I feel myself hard like both hands

[Childish Gambino]
This is all fun, yeah my work is vacation
Me and six shots, that's a bad combination
I don't need your money, this is free download it
Play it at a party, watch it pop like a soda
Thick indie black girl, double stuffed Oreo
Make a shit rapper pissed off like a urinal
You can not see me, I can change your perspective
+Sick Boy+ clique, that's an animal collective
Fuckin wit'cha raw, like I don't need protection
I AM JUST A RAPPER, I'm in search of perfection
Spit hot shit, yeah my mouth is a toaster
Shit look easy like a turd in a short skirt
I am not a fairy tale, I earned this shit
Leave a track on the stove and watch me burn this bitch
Sick as a dog, fly as an angel
I AM JUST A RAPPER, better learn sign language
Cause I don't talk, yeah I fight Teddy Ruxpin
Yeah I got paper like I just ate a muffin
This is all wrong man, this is all wrong
Have a nigga have a hit and then they sing the same song
That is so not me, I'ma change it all up
Doctor knows I'm sick dude, I don't need a follow up
Tell me when you can't take the track any longer
Weird souffle, yeah the noise makes me stronger
I have gotten stronger, tongue like a shotgun
If you let the track loose, you can watch me pop one
+Sick Boy+ bitch and it's back to the future
Cause I'm McFly and it's not what I'm used to
Cause they used to call me other name of a rooster
Sky is the limit, like a jet pack booster
Fuckin with a nigga like he fuckin with a time bomb
Can't see a nigga motherfucker turn your eyes on
I am so different y'all don't even know the half of
I do not talk, motherfucker I'M A RAPPER~!