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Artist: Childish Gambino f/ DC Pierson
Song:   The Truth (Goth Star)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[DC Pierson]
Mr. DNA, flow so Jurassic
Clumsy archeologist about to drop a classic
Damn right we got a T-Rex, I paid for that in plastic
Clumsy archeologist about to drop a classic
Mistakes still burning but I'm learning like a raptor
Take what I'm given make it work like an adapter
Make short work of her, then I will adapt her
Critics all agree it was the work of a master
At last my success will match my fatigue
And at last I'll send my children to an Ivy League
In the masks from The Strangers, freak the whole place out
Get your glasses on girl, geek your whole face out
Don't open up your mouth unless to let somethin great out
And that's not a beef, that's just a peek at the steakbhouse
A week at my maid's house, to recharge my battery
Then I'll be right back on top like +Slattery+
You know from +Sterling and Cooper+
If she's paid out then I will recoup her
And if she's paid out then I will invest
And if she's really played out then I will impress
upon her the need to please please me whoa yeah
Girl I'm on my knees, ooh I need it so bad
It's like I work at NORAD, it's DEFCON-5
Go out back to my car and drive
Cause shit just got real
Take a thirty wreck drive into a field
Pass out in my vehicle
Hope I wake up in a world more agreeable
Hope I wake aboard unidentified flying objects
or a reject Enterprise
A Starfleet drop out odyssey
A route to cop out galaxies
'til then I'm in the light right where the moths are
Impressive, depressive, I'm a goth star

(I do not talk, I am just a rapper)

[Childish Gambino]
Nigga I'm on, niggaz try to off me
Like these girls like I like my coffee
in my lap, fuck this track
It goes off beat but I'm on like clap
And dog you can have my scraps
I'm close to these girls like her tampon flaps
I'm havin an effect on the hood like crack
Even though I'm so suburban like a backpack strap
Don't you get it? Read Ayn Rand
Then you'll understand why they call me the man
I'm just fuckin specialer, different from you other guys
Hatin me in high school made me metamorphosize
Kafka-esque, the way I dress
I need to send Bo Diddley some checks
On Marc Jacobs, Commes Des Garcon tie
Diddy is my swagger coach, "can't stop, won't stop"
Heavy hitter, short stop, horse face, horse cock
Bouncer, door stop, tell me when enough's enough
Looking at me warmin up, microwave a nigga flow
Pity y'all don't see me though the rest of y'all already know
I get it like I gotta man, flier like a college band
Niggaz looking for a deal and I cut out the middleman
Drinking fuckin grape juice, early at a wine bar
Blacker than Depeche Mode so I'm a goth, star