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Artist: Childish Gambino
Song:   New Prince (Crown On the Ground)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

I do not talk, I AM JUST A RAPPER

[Childish Gambino]
Stompin on these niggaz like with Whack-a-Mole with no hands
Get girls on the flo' like slow jams
Fuck yeah I'm feelin myself, no lotion
My light shine bright, no roaches
Nigga, I'm focused; you the one who eyes wrong
Only time I'm worried is when I'm the no-fly zone
Cause I'm so fly homes, fresh like pine cones
Females phone book my iPhone
Margarita bright, meaning limelight
Nerd girls losin their shit like prom night
Mouth like a pussy, it can never be too tight
Let me guess, you know a better rapper - you, right?
Bam-B, sicker than yo' grandma
Pass the mix-tape to a friend like Chandler
This track is gettin overwritten: "Sports Night" banter
Tell 'em that you know me when you runnin through Atlanta
I am at the top, whether you want or not
And I am in my +Prime+, I am an +Autobot+
I do not talk a lot, I AM JUST A RAPPER
Fuck a girl's pussy bright red like snapper

[Chorus: repeat 6X]
So tight like a crown on the ground, and-uh

[Childish Gambino]
Sick~! Yeah I stay fly like a pelican
Get new kicks everyday like an Ottoman
Ex-girlfriends askin if they get a shot again
I try to call 'em back but there's a lot of them
Someone tell me why these motherfuckers busy hatin me
Just because I'm rappin and my style's kinda Japanese
Band of outsiders; Kitsune, APC
Macy's got shit on me
Fuck what you heard like a dick inside alarm clock
I ain't got no jewelry, I leave it at the pawn shop
Two of your chains equals one of my shirts sir
You got Jacob's jeweler, I got Anna Wintour
Niggaz jealous cause I got more green than seven splinters
I'd rather spend that money on a polo from La Tigre
Young, smart, and handsome - who could even ask for more?
I change +The Situation+ like auditioning for Jersey Shore

[repeat 2X - second repeat after instrumental break]
I'm the prince, put your crown on the ground {*7X*}
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh