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Artist: Childish Gambino
Song:   My Girls
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Childish Gambino]
In the 4th grade I had a crush on Tia Smith
6th grade and this crush is turned to Beatrice
But they don't like me, because I'm too nice
And I'm kinda fat, and not the dope type
But I grew out of that, and it's a miracle
Now every girl sees me as marryin material
It's a buyer's market, I'm Alicia's target
and every other girl who wanna let me steam their carpet
I love these hipster girls, and they feel the same
Now they don't have to choose when someone ask 'em Drake or Wayne
And niggaz waitin on me, we didn't have a voice
You used to have to act street and now you've got a choice
My momma's brownie mix, I keep the goodies moist
of every girl I'm tappin, this wasn't supposed to happen
Hard to keep my thoughts straight on every date
especially when my penis talkin SWAT team
Cover me, I'm goin in

I do not talk, I AM JUST A RAPPER

Yes I got it - a million other girls
You don't wanna hear that, for fear that I fuck a lot
And you don't wanna get attached cause you'll like me
I fuck a girl named +Keira, Knightly+
Nah, I made her up - cause it sounded dope
I don't give a fuck; ride me, giddy up
They can hear us in the +Hall+ +Arsenio+
Naw girl, I don't wanna shoot a video
I do it all day, don't you watch me on the TV show?
I'm gonna get mines, any means necessary
Got Red Bull pulsin through my pulmonary
Least I feel like it, met her at a club
Now we're making out, and I ain't spend a dub
I'm gonna try to live it up like top floor
And my girls like gifts so I bought more
All girls 18 and over
love this light-skinned Casanova
House pimped out, William Sonoma
Sleep on me, that is a coma
Yeah nigga, you see what I'm gettin at
I'm gettin at her, I'm hittin that
Her kitty cat purr, how weird is that?
I'm diggin that... a nigga not
tryin to say you don't make mistakes
I'm trying to fix all the hearts I break
But every time that we talk in my apartment
We're gonna kiss a little, and then we start shit
"You're heartless, don't call again!"
"Don't e-mail, we can't be friends"
"I swear that this is the end"
Then I call her next week and we do it again

My girls, my girls, my girls, my girls {*4X*}

[Outro: repeat 2X]
I don't mean
to seem like I care about material things
like a social status
I just want
four walls and adobe slats
for my girls, ooh!