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Artist: Childish Gambino
Song:   I Love Clothes
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Childish Gambino]
I do not talk, I am just a rapper

[Childish Gambino]
Nigga, I'm the capper; rapper slash not actor
Cause I could never act the, part of being fakey
You should really thank me - who else would do this shit?
All that fuckin wishin, and waiting - these niggaz are mistaken
You don't speak my language; dressed up like I'm Cambridge
Bowtie make me Muslim, switch it for suspenders
two at least - clickin through on Hyperbeast
Thom Browne, Hells Bells, Kitsune, Jay L
I don't wear shit unless it got a logo
Now it's time to go and walk around SoHo
All high schools showin out, Payless
Man fuck that, yo I earned this

I love clothes {*4X*}

[Childish Gambino]
Go to TOPMAN, that's the hot spot
Check Kanye's blog for the high tops
Check shake appea,l lookbook right quick
They hooking up with ambush, that's sick
Sperry top-sider with a black trim
Pink leather jacket, gotta get him
New t-shirt, and I put it all
on a charge card, burnin through my Goyard
And it's so dumb, but it's so tight
Ain't nothing like new shoes every night
And it feels so good in the new jeans
and the new shirt, it's addicting
I'm an addict, I don't want help
I'ma die in my brand new Louis belt
but not Louis, it's too gaudy
Check the lime green frames that a girl bought me
Billionaire Boys Club, I'm livin it
One shirt, eight dubs, I'm spendin it
Got shoes that I know I won't wear
and the problem is I don't really care
Got money but nothin is forever
Every time I'm out I buy a new sweater
By 2-11, I'll be dead broke
I'll be the homeless dude in a peacoat

[Chorus] - repeat 4X