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Artist: Childish Gambino f/ DC Pierson
Song:   49ers (Orange Shirt)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[DC Pierson]
Whoa! What'd you get, amnesia?
I bet you wouldn't sleep on me if I was Lil Weezy huh?
Bet you wouldn't sleep on me if I was in a band or somethin
And my bank balance were around a grand or somethin
Ask you somethin: do you think I'm +Common+ like +Sense+ is?
That heaven didn't send this
Uniquely perfect dude so just discard me like a toy then
But you know, I know, I'd make a damn good boyfriend
Oil can, oil can, you think I'm the Tin Man
You took my little heart, and you kicked it like a tin can
Ain't you heard I got the kind of shine can make your skin tan?
In the lean time don't come cryin for the thin man
In the meantime I'll be building my portfolio
All these other dudes eradicated like polio
With any luck you'll see me everywhere like Starbucks
I bet you'll wanna fuck me, when it's time to star fuck

[Childish Gambino]
I didn't have green like an Arizona front lawn
Now they try to touch my face like an iPhone
Now I'm all gassed up like Exxon
Girls see the money like I fuckin got checks on
I don't even know if this girl really likes me
Picking up the check like I'm workin at Nike
Talkin to this girl and I'm thinkin that she's into me
Then I find out she's tryin to break in the industry
That's really lame; I still hit it
But I refuse to be homegirl's meal ticket
I'm lookin for a sick girl to be a part of me
Not a girl who will try to McCartney me
Yes homey, I'm a man of my word
Got this shit in the can like a toilet of turd
And yes, these gold diggers trying to get at my sperm
Well I'm not a 49ers fan in case you haven't heard
I know my girl out there somewhere
And if you hear this, you should come here
Unless you don't give head like a weird beer
Elroy, Bam-B, yeah I'm outta here