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Artist: Childish Gambino
Album:  Culdesac
Song:   You Know Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Childish Gambino]
(Bitch, get behind me)
If you don't like this shit I'm puttin out then you can blow me
These dollars in my pocket gettin big, I gotta fold it
It's Cheezy in the building, more cheese than macaroni
What the fuck is goin on? I'm in her bush
Before I eat, I make her mow the lawn
My career is like award shows, it's goin long
I make it look real easy, like I'm showin thong, huh
(Bitch, you know me)
I do a shot, and then I'll sip a Sobe
I'm walking weird cause it's Walker that I'm wasted on
People just realizing that I'm awesome, why they take so long?
Skip around the album it's not hard to find your favorite song
Pussy and these tracks the only thing that I go crazy on
Let me slow it down a sec
Man, I can't not not be sick, hook me up with Dimetapp
(Bitch, you know me)
You think you better than I am then show me
These niggaz don't talk that much shit unless you let them
And I let them, cause they know if you reply then you respect them
I've been workin for a minute, hope this album's a success
I'm not tryin to do Drake numbers, I'm just tryin to do my best
Cause let's face it, if I wasn't working with Tina on pitches
I would probably flood the market and go Katrina you bitches ungh~!

[Childish Gambino]
(Bitch, you know me)
I'm sorry momma but there isn't an old me
That nigga dead, but I promise he won't die in vain
All I trust is money, fuck these niggaz like +The Crying Game+
This is not a joke, you won't listen to what I'm sayin
And I promise to destroy any nigga who think I'm playin
Know my verses can be silly, but I'm choosin not to spray rounds
My verse is pedophiles on the playground, okay now?
(Bitch, you know me)
Half-price flat screens, yes I work for Sony
I kiss her hard and hit the jet, I make out like a bandit
They tryin hard to hate me, I just don't understand it
Screamin at me, when you gonna stick to the right business
and stop making rap music for these white kidses?
Huh! I make music for these tight kids
Don't be a fucking asshole, one day you'll have to wipe his
(Bitch, you know me)
I know what I am, and I'll never be Hov'y
Cause I am just different, I'm being what I am man
I don't need a Jesus piece, my jacket cost me 10 grand
I'm going light speed, and I don't care if you can't see us
Cause I will never stop, like I am cruising in a Prius
You talk from far away because my money's in between us
And I'm working hard as hell until I'm chillin with Aaliyah

Bitch, you know me