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Artist: Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)
Album:  Culdesac
Song:   I'm On It
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This is usually where I, talk but
I won't talk
Heh heh

Yes I'm on it, I'm so on it {*6X*}
Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh, ohhhhh

[Childish Gambino]
Okay - one for the money, two for the money
I used to write jokes, ain't this shit funny~?!
Models on me, yes these girls crazy
Gotta take advantage that is what the fans made me
Shine on these niggaz how these niggaz stay shady?
And if you don't see me, you are not star gazin
Play my cards right, I may never meet the dealer
And yes I'm in the building like a horror movie killer
I gotta stay sick, I'd be dead if I was iller
Is it weird goin hard when these niggaz goin pillow?
Yep my life is great, I changed my stars
I rearranged fate when I rap on bars
Cheezy in the building, hope you niggaz missed me
Chillin with these bitches got my nigga feelin tipsy
Haters mean muggin, face is sour like my whiskey
I don't need a chaser tell that liquor come and get me
Who'd of thought this rapping make +Cents+ no +50+
And if you're doing great like I am say it with me


[Childish Gambino]
Yeah, I used to be broke, no cash
And them niggaz played games, +Road Rash+
Walking 'round NYU lookin for a dollar
Too proud to ask my friends or my strugglin father
So I skate around the city for a couple hours
Dreaming up a day that I could say this world was ours
Now I got some, but I want it all
And I won't stop until Rihanna gives my ass a call
And I know that I'm addicted to this alcohol
Cause this shit hurts, call it the uncle curse
But I'm livin for the moment not the long haul
And I refuse to slow down until it's last call
Erica keeps tellin me to grow a conscience
And treat women like money, no object
But these hoes are a much different story
Straight laced chicks don't do nothin for me
I'm in a weird place I got a little money
But money won't buy you time if all the time is running from me
There's so much I wanna do like write a script or write a book
Get an hour on HBO and date a girl who likes to cook
And stop havin all of these crushes on all of my friends' girlfriends
I think I'm jealous they got someone when the world ends
It looks nice, I gotta get me one of those
I haven't found Mrs. Right, but I'm on it though
Yeah I'm on it though

[Chorus] - variation of previous