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Artist: Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)
Album:  Culdesac
Song:   I Be On That
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Childish Gambino]
I be on that other shit, I'm harder than a consonant
and that's because I'm flyer than the mother ship, you ostrich
I'm awesome rich, call a bitch, fresher than my lozenges
The problem is you in the +Danger Zone+ like Kenny Loggins is
I'm fly, I'm tight - they say I'm sick, they right
You think you good? I swear I put your shit to bed; good night
Yes, I'm sittin on the bench cause I don't play no games
I just spit that Bellevue, watch them go insane
Why these motherfuckers think they wakin up in pain?
Cause they sleepin on the hardest nigga in this game
Hell yes I'm on my zombie shit, I must get brain
They will not forget me like I was hit by planes
I ain't gotta do it big, I just gotta do it different
And these hoes are on my dick, and if you got it it ain't trickin
I be steady gettin paper, call a nigga Dunder Mifflin
And these rappers cannot see me, I'm the only one with vision

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I be on that other shit, I be on that other shit
I be on that other shit and you can't handle none of it

[Childish Gambino]
I'm on top of turd mountain - King Shit bitches
Can't nobody top that; Teen Witch bitches~!
I don't make it rain, I bring the heat storm nigga
Weezy F is in jail, I keep his seat warm nigga
Yes I get it like I live it, yes this pimp is still is pimpin
Y'all don't want me to be different what the fuck is y'all thinkin?
That does not suit me, call it Ben Sherman
Cause I get more green than Kermit - heard me?
I'm in charge of new shit, don't talk, do shit
Spittin at the crowd like I play heavy metal music
I can say anything, call me John Cusack
Keep my dick wetter than the bottom of a cruise ship
Keep it fresh to death, keep my swag inside a coffin
So fly I'm in the +Skyy+ like +Vodka+, partner
Shout out to Marc Jacobs yeah my feet be feelin highbrow
And Band of Outsiders, got your tie on right now
Glory versus failure, there is nothing to it
Cause you win some and lose some Sandra Bullock
Tell me when I'm way too much, when no one had faith in us
They thought Child was +Child's Play+ but now they see we dangerous
Bring your girl around and let me show her how her body work
She like me cause my wallet fat, it should wear a Hawaiian shirt
Cumin for your spot, like I do when I'm inside of her
Got the cold, hard green in my hand, no Heineken
Listen up - listen up please, check my steez
Insect ligaments, I'm the bee's knees
Watch my math, like 75 minus 6
How can number 2 be number 1? Because I'm the shit - bitch!!