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Artist: Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)
Album:  Culdesac
Song:   Hero
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: repeat 2X]
Yeah, yes I'm on top
I'm goin this hard, and never gon' stop

(Cheezy wassup~!)

[Childish Gambino]
Let me hear you holla bitch - actor, writer, rapper
Nigga I do all of it
Lactose tolerant, addicted to cheddar
And I spend it on a jacket man I don't know no better
Yeah it's Childish Gambino, yeah I'm fly as a feather
Yeah my nigga be suburban but my flow keep it ghetto
Keep my swagger Polaroid, you can watch it develop
Ain't it funny in a year I went from different to special
Yeah I got it together, yeah I took those chances
Labels on me like I might cause cancer
Yes a nigga flow went from Camry to Phantom
I'm just talkin real shit, hopin you can handle
Sleepin on the jet like Lear, like Chandle
Flyer than a jet women hoping they can land him
How we turn everything to gold that they hand em?
I am just different, that's the only answer

Yeah, yes I'm on top
I'm goin this hard, and never gon' stop
Yeah, yes I'm on top
I'm goin this hard, and never gon' stop
I'm a hero {*7X*}

[Childish Gambino]
Back on my grind, nigga I'm a skater
She just think I'm fine, nigga youse a hater
Style with no name, they just want to label me
They should call it what these other niggaz are afraid to be
APC store, walkin out with eight bags
Yeah I'm killin paper, call it poppin tags
You ever spend three grand on designer vision
when you should really spent it on your little sis' tuition?
She played my album when nobody else out there would listen
I'm cumin harder than these girls that you would swear were pissin
DaVinci-esque, I'm the real deal
The only thing I don't know is how fake feel
I'm living everything these other niggaz lyin bout
Bitches don't believe me, to prove it to 'em I fly 'em out
She say that I'm her everything, I'm better than those other guys
I say I'm just a rapper, she tell me that's a fuckin lie


[Childish Gambino]
They said me rappin was like M.J. and baseball
but that would make me M.J. so motherfuck alla y'all
Trippin on this fame shit, drinkinglike a fuckin fish
Listen to the next track, "I Be On That" other shit
Yes I sound weird nigga, take it as a compliment
Guess who's in the house and representing like a congressman?
Anything I put my mind to, I accomplish it
From writing scripts with Tina Fey to laying down the hardest shit
Who else is doing what I'm doing? No one
And I mean girls too, intended no pun
I'm on the road son, +Bizzy+ like I'm Bone Thug
Comment left anonymous cause ain't nobody want none
She laying in my bed she gotta be bi-curious
Barf on the track, be amazing and rap-furious
Damn bloggers argue 'bout whether or not I'm serious
It's Nas' "Illmatic" not Eddie Murphy's "Delirious"
Got the limelight, you stupid you think I'm sharin this?
Showing up late, promoters wondering where he is
Got some nightmares, but failing's gotta be scariest
But I would never fail, I'm a hero one of the best there is~!