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Artist: Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)
Album:  Culdesac
Song:   Fuck it All
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I ain't gon' be around for ever, so fuck it all
Seein all this pussy, I'ma fuck it all
Fly around the world, eatin good, drinkin alcohol
You ain't nothin like me nigga, not at all

[Childish Gambino]
Tell 'em what it is, I'm takin great strides
Hood niggaz, hipsters, I ain't tryin to take sides
Ex-girlfriend on my mind, she really fucked me up
Doing shots of whiskey 'til my friends are sayin "That's enough"
I really really miss her, sometimes I wanna fuck it all
Mix some warm Guinness with 20 tablets of Tylenol
Call em while I'm driftin off, tell her that I love her so
Parents crying harder cause I didn't even leave a note
Sayin that I'm selfish and I'm sorry that I left
But it hurts so much to wake up and I left you guys a check
Cause I ain't fuckin happy, you don't know shit about me
I think it started when she said she happier without me
I really can't blame her cause I'm happier without me
I don't see what girls are seein when they say they're all about me
I'm scared they wanna trap me, these all hoes are all liars
I double bagged my shit and never cum while I'm inside her
I used to be a sweet dude, now I'm so angry
Look at what these girls and these fake niggaz made me
Cry when I'm writin, I don't really know why
I think it's cause I can't really see myself an old guy
And that scares me, I wanna be around a while
but I feel my purpose goes beyond having raised a child
Bright lights, they tend to burn out fast
So I shine bright - but I'm scared that it won't last


[Childish Gambino]
I'm just about to pop, the industry just noticed it
People watchin me I feel like Amber Rose's tits
Friends of mine are over it, people say I changed
And I tell them that I'm glad, cause I don't wanna stay the same
Cause I used to be poor, I used to be unconfident
I used to hate these haters, now it's just the opposite
Not only have I changed, I'm becoming somethingbetter
and revenge is for the weak, so I have settled my vendettas
with all of the kids who made my early life a living hell
And I hope you're doing well and feeling better 'bout yourself
Don't know if you can tell but change is usually for the better
I used to like these bitches but couldn't afford to get 'em
But now I'll take your girl, yeah player pay homage
That's why I fuck these bad mommas, Kate Gosselin
I'm trying to tell the world I'm nothing to be trifled with
Donald Glover stayinghotter than some rifle spit
They only wanna fuck with you after you made your way
But when you started out you couldn't pay 'em to stay
But now I got 'em lined up in the lobby door
It makes me wonder what this rappin shit's a hobby for
Oh that's right~! Because I'm gifted in another field
And another field, and another field
They say my public persona don't have enough appeal
I take a lesson from Kanye and give 'em somethin real
I'm gettin all this attention I wanna do it right
That's why I'm performin for you like every single night
To all my fans who sayin Donald Glover about to blow
Just give me six months so you can say I told you so