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Artist: Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)
Album:  Camp
Song:   Sunrise
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Childish Gambino]
Yeah nigga~! It's me again
I'm still around - I guess I win
You hear me in your sister's room like all the time
Gambino Girl, forever on that bracelet that she bought online
To dudes who can not take it might I say "hasta luega"
Cause I'm takin all your city like I'm Carmen San Diego
I'm smoking, I'm on fire, I am blazin, don't get hurt
To my white dudes it's a concert, to my black nerds this is church
From that NYU dorm to the Emirate
Everyone hated me, I'm more hip-hop than you'll ever be
I'm bustin, bustin bustin, I'm bustin on these niggaz man
And nothin, nothin nothin, nothin is the same again
You lookin dumb as hell man for ever sleepin on him
Your girl is not around, she busy sleepin on him
Will he fail? Now that's the wrong conversation
Terry Gross on the mic, I'm the talk of the nation

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Hey, what it do bitch?
Why these other rappers do shit stupid?
While they be sleepin I be onto that new shit {*2X*}

[Childish Gambino]
New shit - you didn't know?
Black rock like a fuckin +Lost+ episode
Somethin for these black kids to call they own
So when you skatin in yo' driveway, you not alone
She stay down like that new coat that I bought her
And the fly Rihanna girls be drinkin my coconut water
And I'm lookin at her butt, that's that 20/20 hindsight
My shit be Jackson, Jordan, Bolton, Keaton, Tyson: 5 +Mikes+
Donald Glover, no relation, always workin, no vacation
They couldn't feel me, nova-cation
Murder verses the only motive was motivation
Money equals freedom I've wanted this since a three-year-old
I've seen it all like I'm John Mayer's penis hole
Bein me, that's somethin that's so unusual
I've seen the future and the future gooooooo


[Outro: singer]
Can't you hear me baby?
Can't you hear me callin out your name?
Can't you hear me baby?
Ohhhhh can't you hear me callin out your naaaame?