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Artist: Childish Gambino (Donald Glover)
Album:  Camp
Song:   Fire Fly
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Now when they see us on the streets
all they wanna do is take pics
And I'm like, okay (yeah, okay)
And when they hear us on the beat
all they wanna do is make hits
And I'm like, okay (yeah, okay)
And if you're feelin like I'm feelin how the world should be: perfectly
Fire like I'm third degree
And suddenly, shorty we got so high - firefly

[Childish Gambino]
Skateboardin down at Washington Square
Lookin for quarters maybe afford a falafel for dinner, ugh
I'm so broke man, scholarship apology
Facebook messages from college kids who hollerin
Girls like, "We love you, we go to LSU
You gotta do a show so we can come and molest you"
This rap stuff is magic
I used to get called "Oreo" and "Faggot"
I used to get more laughs than I got laughed at
Oh you got a mixtape? That's fantastic
But everybody thought it was jokes though; they half right, the joke is
I got flow so don't act like
You ain't sittin there with your friends like, it can't be
I know Donald Glover, he weak man, he campy
I'm still knocked down, but I up the ante
Me and hip-hop, that black Sid and Nancy


[Childish Gambino]
It's hard to make Hov' the footsteps you followin
Especially when your niggaz look like Carlton
The pretty girls usin skin so soft
Only be likin black dudes with their hats broke off
Nigga you act too soft; fuck you! I'm from the projects
My mom was just workin to give me options
No live shows, cause I can't find sponsors
for the only black kid at a Sufjan concert
Yeah so, what'cha gonna do man? You won't speak to the hood, man
If I was given one chance I think I could, man
These black kids want somethin new, I swear it
Somethin they wanna say but couldn't cause they embarrassed
All I do is make the stuff I woulda liked
Reference things I wanna watch, reference girls I wanna bite
Now I'm firefly like a burnin kite
And youse a fake fuck like a fleshlight
Even dudes who like me straight lookin at me crazy
Like, "How the hell you drop a EP and meet Jay-Z?"
Girls used to tell me I ain't cool enough
Now text me pics sayin' "You could tear this up"
I don't really like shades, big rims, or jewelry
But gettin time of day from a model is new to me
Bein me isn't as hard as it used to be
Now everyone sing the chorus man, you do it so beautifully

[Chorus] - repeat 2X minus "firefly" the second time