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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Voodoo (S)
Song:   Voodoo
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

I'm with my crew them my loose screws
And no we don't pass no duce duce
Got 4 O's with bout two two
At your nose and your to to
Smoking on a big blunt of to to
When you snooze thats when you loss
What you do thats what you knew
How you move just like food do

[Verse 1]
I ride down and I hop out
Got ambulance and them cops out
And cus my mans bought the Glocks out
Cus your mans want to talk now
I was smoking dope with the pope on my own
With them racks in my pocket all that I know
Let a fuck nigga try me blow him I quote
Can't come through boy in 'em adios
Glock 18 come through wrestling like who do rhino
Can't trust no thot they be done stole all my clothes
And I got my pole I like it slow watch I blow
He can act like he bout it whole time I know
I like Gucci I get coochie
I got my .30 imma squeeze it at your tooty
I got my toolie and my gooey and my lucy's
My niggas looney they like louis clips like movies
I'm with my goonies and we riding spot 'em got 'em
All these niggas steady talking bout they savage
And all these bitches steady talking bout they love me
Got a millennium and a taurus, they look like cousins
She gone do my chores if I fuck her
But I was always told to never trust her
Keep my pole with me and always bust 'em
Never know who gone try your ass in public


[Verse 2]
Smoking on a big ass blunt of Aiki pack doe
Buy any means gotta get that dough
Now I got my pole tucked
Come through making that cold in the summer
Fuck niggas know us know I got my north pole bitch Sosa santa
Call Johnny Dang up he put ice on a young black nigga, Willy Wonka
Thats a T charger or I might get a little ? in the tonka
And I got my .40
Thats 50 shots up in the clip for all of those who don't know how I'm rocking
You know how I'm rocking cut off stockins
Keep kush up in my pocket with my Glock and
I done named my choppa Juelz Santana
Don't make me put this choppa to your bandana
It's me and my jewelry I'm anti security
Guns hang like whitney and them karate like Bruce Lee
Choppin' shit like Jet Li
Kickin' ass like Jackie Chan
Riding in a Bentley smoking on some Pakistan
Ice come from Antartica these niggas on some froggy stuff
I'm on my bartender shit 30 shots coming up
I swear when I walk in the shit people start walking up
Got niggas in Nigeria and they totin' choppas boy
Go pick you a casket boy
Go buy you a doctor boy
Go buy you a choppa boy
Go buy you some shottas boy
See you we gone shoot you boy you make it hallelujah boy
And I ain't gone do it boy you know how much my shoes little boy

Thats right that's right
Got my gun I'm a need a tevlon
Almighty god going against these dumb hoes
I think I won I'm a need a medal
I throw ones that I won
Then I run in with my gun
I'm a sin with my gun and say amen with my gun

[Verse 3]
I'm going too crazy
Pistol on my hip, that's my new baby
This money in my pocket, that's my boo baby
Ice up on my neck dancing voodoo baby
So much ice on I caught the flu baby
I'm TTU I been cool lately
You got plenty True's them hoes fugazy
Cat in the hat doctor Suess baby