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Artist: Chief Keef
Album:  Save Me (S)
Song:   Save Me
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Fuck he say, fuck that nigga say
Aye [x18]
Gang [x3]
Aye [x10]

Aye Riding with my chopper aye
I'm a beat him like his father aye
Now it's blood on my Giuseppe's aye, I don't like no fucking Prada aye
Put a knife up on my tech, aye
Lil FaceTime, lil Skype up on my tech aye
And it a happen right up on my set aye
S.O.S. lil lighter for my tech aye
She give me top right before I jet aye
I need a yacht right before my jet aye
I smoke some dope right before I get aye
Man blast his ass then forget aye
Glo Gang them my drillers aye
Octane right here aye
I'm not saying what I did aye
Look at my watch, Johnny goddamn aye
We gone smoke it all
Catch him in a open field, that's a open fall
Bitch I will never fail or tell my fam to fall
I promise I'm not seeing y'all or hearing ya'll aye
I gave my karrots flaws aye
Flexin' like Dave the barbari y'all aye
This what I'm wearing y'all aye
My chain win chains by experience y'all
Smoking swishers and counting money getting blisters aye
Handle your man we will fix you
All red right now I no Clifford aye
Cause I'm a dog when it come to fucking bitches aye
Coolin' with my fans and taking pictures aye
And I got my pistol fuck them niggas aye
I'm a pistol fuck them niggas
What y'all see, pistols poppin' nigga
Your cars on E, fill them up lil nigga aye
Your squad on D, get them up lil nigga aye
I got my feelings tucked lil nigga aye
while I got my pistol tucked lil nigga